English Literature

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College of Arts & Sciences

Introduction to Drama

CAS EN 143

Introduction to the understanding, interpretation, and appreciation of a wide range of drama from different eras and diverse places, from the festivals of ancient Greece to the twenty-first century Broadway stage. We consider extraordinary plays from Renaissance England, nineteenth- century Europe, and twentieth-century Africa and the United States. Likely works include Antigone, Macbeth, A Doll's House, Death and The King's Horseman, Angels in America, Top Dog / Underdog and Hamilton. Focus on theater as a distinctive, developing artistic form, with explorations of political and aesthetic contexts. This course cannot be taken for credit in addition to the course with the same number that was previously titled "Literary Types: Drama." Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr. Tuition: $2800

Summer 2 (July 2-August 8)


Introduction to Creative Writing

CAS EN 202

An exploration of creative writing: fiction, poetry, and possibly creative non-fiction and/or playwriting. Students learn to read like writers (that is, with an eye towards how writers write) and write and revise their own original stories and poems. This class is run as a workshop, so students will share and critique each others' work. Does not give concentration credit. 4 cr. Tuition: $2800

Summer 2 (July 1-August 8)



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