Course details for Summer 2017 will be available on December 15. The courses below were offered in Summer 2016 and can serve as a guide to what is typically offered.

College of Arts & Sciences

General Chemistry 1

CAS CH 101

Prereq: two years of high school algebra. For science majors and minors who require a two-semester general chemistry course. Topics include atoms and molecules; molecular connectivity, infrared spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry; stoichiometry and introduction to reactions in aqueous solutions; thermochemistry and the first law of thermodynamics; quantum aspects of light and matter; and bonding in diatomic and polyatomic molecules. Laboratory exercises include the size of an atom, qualitative analysis, thermochemistry, and quantum aspects of light and matter. Students must register for three sections: lecture, discussion, and laboratory. Carries natural science divisional credit (with lab) in CAS. 4 cr.