Boston University is conducting all courses remotely for the duration of Summer Term 2020. No in-person meetings will be held. Courses will meet remotely according to the meeting schedule posted here and on the Link. Please note that meeting times listed are local Boston time zone, EDT.

We are committed to providing a vibrant and robust remote learning experience, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the resources and guidelines we are providing for all students this summer.

Resources for Remote Learning



Metropolitan College

The following courses are electives within the Master in Liberal Arts in Gastronomy graduate program and the Food Studies Graduate Certificate. They are also open to non-degree students who have completed an undergraduate degree.

  • Archaeology of Food in Ancient Times

    MET ML 611

    Examines how people have obtained and processed a wide range of foods through time, beginning with early humans up to early farmers. Topics include food used by hunter/gatherers; changes in diet and nutrition through time. Examines archaeological evidence for types of plants and animals exploited for food, as well as human skeletal evidence for ancient nutrition and diseases related to diet and food stress. Considers early historical periods, especially in terms of how certain foods such as wine have played a significant role in culture beyond basic dietary needs. 4 cr. Tuition: $3620

    Summer 1 (May 21-June 30)


  • Food and Visual Culture

    MET ML 671

    This course examines depictions of food and cooking within visual culture and analyzes the ways in which they reflect and shape our understanding of the meaning of food. We explore how food and cooking are depicted as expressions of culture, politics and group or personal identity via a multitude of visual materials, including, but not limited to: TV programs, magazines, cook books, food packaging, advertising, photography, online and digital media, and works of art. A good portion of class time is given to discussing the readings in combination with participatory, in-depth analysis of the visual material. The class will also take a field trip to a food photography studio as well as a culinary tour of Boston's Chinatown. 4 cr. Tuition: $3620

    Summer 1 (May 20-July 1)


  • Urban Agriculture

    MET ML 714

    Growing food in urban contexts raises interesting questions about food access, nutrition education, perceptions of public spaces, and the place of nature in the urban environment. This course focuses on urban agriculture in Boston and a number of case studies from around the globe. Students visit gardens, learn basic cultivation skills through hands-on activities, and study the social and cultural sides of urban agriculture, as well as the political and city planning aspects of urban agriculture projects. 4 cr. Tuition: $3620

    Summer 2 (July 7-August 13)


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