Note: All tuition rates listed on the Summer Term 2018 website are pending approval.

College of Arts & Sciences

First-Semester French

CAS LF 111

A multimedia approach for students who have never studied French. A variety of communicative tasks develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. 4 cr.


Second-Semester French

CAS LF 112

Prereq: (CAS LF 111) or placement test results. Continues CAS LF 111. A multimedia approach which develops speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills, together with the grammar and vocabulary needed for more complex communicative tasks. 4 cr.


Third-Semester French

CAS LF 211

Prereq: (CAS LF 112) or placement test results. Authentic literary selections by writers from diverse Francophone countries, cultural readings, and discussion of short-subject films by Francophone filmmakers, accompanied by advanced study of grammar and emphasis on communicative skills. 4 cr.


Fourth-Semester French

CAS LF 212

Prereq: (CAS LF 211) or placement test results. Refines the four skills through in-depth study of a modern novel. Creative oral and written exercises based on the novel and study of advanced grammar. Viewing of contemporary French films. Fulfills CAS language requirement, prepares for further study (LF 303). 4 cr.