Distance Education/Online Courses

Colleges: College of Arts & Sciences | School of Education

College of Arts & Sciences

Intensive Kanji 1

CAS LJ 385

Prereq: (CAS LJ 211) or more than 300 Kanji. Online offering. Supplements vocabulary and idiom for students beyond third-semester Japanese. Students learn to read and write the 1006 Kyoiku Kanji and recognize an additional 1130 Joyo Kanji in everyday Japanese. Concurrent enrollment in a four-skills language course encouraged. 4 cr.


School of Education

Technology and Curriculum Integration Workshop

SED EM 560

Online offering. Students build competencies in appropriate technology integration through case studies, discussions, readings, and through designing and evaluating tech-integrated lessons. Specific topics include how technology can support and enhance learning curriculum, how teachers progress through identified stages of expertise in teaching with technology, and how a technology infused learning environment should be developed. Students investigate the instructional and operational differences between a desktop program and a one-to-one program. For further information, call the Office of Distance Education at 617-358-1960. 4 cr.


Methods of Coaching

SED PE 501

Online offering. Principles and problems in coaching various individual and team sports. Theory and techniques in coaching including offensive and defensive strategy and scouting. Women's and men's sports. For further information, please call the Office of Distance Education at 617-358-1960. 4 cr.


Introduction to Research

SED RS 600

Introduces students to the skills and methods used in conducting research and in establishing the criteria for identifying research-based practice, interventions, and curriculum in education settings. Students become familiar with quantitative, mixed method, and action research approach to inquiry. Students develop skills in conducting literature searches, examine empirical research studies, and learn how to apply these methods to answer questions that are relevant to their graduate program area. Students should leave this course as better consumers of research findings presented in the mass media, able to critically read primary research articles, and able to participate in research-based efforts to improve education. 4 cr.


Assessment In Special Education: Procedures

SED SE 751

Online offering. Examines both alternative assessment and standardized test instruments. Assessment practices and critical issues are addressed, including the assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse pupils. Examples include math, literacy/reading, social/adaptive behaviors, cognitive aptitude, and career-vocational considerations. 4 cr.