Boston Studies

Colleges: College of Arts & Sciences | College of Communication | Metropolitan College

Boston University is proud to be "Boston's university." Utilizing Boston as a classroom, the Boston Studies series explores the city's rich resources in art, architecture, history, and sociology. Each course in this series combines classroom lectures with dynamic field experiences throughout the city.

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Communication

Beat Reporting

COM JO 310

Prereq: (COM JO 250). Students advance their reporting skills by learning to cover a city neighborhood or a community beat. Students branch out across the city and suburbs to cover courts, crime, education, local and state politics, and other essentials of community reporting. Students develop their own sources and story ideas with the goal of professional publication in the Boston University News Service or another news site. The purpose is to hone your reporting skills, develop sources, and build both competence and confidence. Students produce stories, photos, audio and video for the Web. 4 cr. Tuition: $2640

Summer 1 (May 23-June 29)


Metropolitan College

Special Topics in Sociology

MET SO 501

Topic for Summer 2017: A Social History of Boston's North End. A socio-cultural history of Boston's North End that examines changes in the area from the first Puritan settlement to the current period of gentrification, with central attention given to the dynamics of culture change among the Italian immigrants. Covers the impact of global changes on local processes, changes in American notions of identity and inclusion, and ethnic succession and competition; religious change, social organization, and Catholic festivals; William Foote Whyte's "Street Corner Society"; the image of Italians as criminals, and myths and realities of "the Mafia"; the impact of drugs and drug violence in the North End in the 70s and 80s; demographic change, tourism, food marketing, and gentrification. Course includes two visits to the North End, including dinner in a North End restaurant on the final night of the course. 4 cr. Tuition: $2640; additional fee: $100; total charge: $2740

Summer 1 (May 23-June 29)


Boston Experience

MET UA 580

Topic for Summer 2017: The Role of Architecture in Creating a Sense of Place. This graduate and advanced undergraduate course demands critical curiosity and deep discussion from students and instructor within a seminar format. The course offers students tools to observe how cities are experienced. While the course covers the introductory and foundational semantics of architectural elements and concepts, it will focus equally on developing the language, observational tools, and lens through which students can understand the impact of the intended and unintended uses of architecture at different scales. 4 cr. Tuition: $2640

Summer 1 (May 24-June 28)