College of Arts & Sciences

Great Discoveries in Archaeology

CAS AR 100

Illustrated lectures focus on the important discoveries of the discipline of archaeology. Covers the whole of human prehistory and history around the world. Archaeological methods are described along with great ancient sites, including Olduvai, Lascaux, Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids, and Machu Picchu. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr.


Ancient Maya Civilization

CAS AR 251

An exploration of the Maya civilization of Mexico and Central America, including its origins, intellectual achievements, city-state rise and collapse cycles, and the cultural endurance of the Maya people of today. 4 cr.


Introduction to Akkadian Cuneiform 1

CAS AR 543

A basic introduction to Akkadian, the Semitic language that served as the lingua franca in the ancient Near East from the third millennium to the second millennium BCE. Akkadian was the language of the Enuma Elish, Gilgamesh Epic, and Code of Hammurabi. The course consists of learning the Akkadian grammar, deciphering the cuneiforms, and translating the original scripts. By the end of semester, students will be decoding the Code of Hammurabi in the original Akkadian script. No prerequisites. (Course fulfills department topical requirement.) 4 cr.


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