College of Arts & Sciences

Great Discoveries in Archaeology

CAS AR 100

Illustrated lectures focus on the important discoveries of the discipline of archaeology. Covers the whole of human prehistory and history around the world. Archaeological methods are described along with great ancient sites, including Olduvai, Lascaux, Stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids, and Machu Picchu. Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS. 4 cr. Tuition: $2560

Summer 1 (May 23-June 30)

Summer 2 (July 5-August 11)


Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

CAS AR 232

The technology, economy, social life, political organization, religions, art, and architecture of Egypt from predynastic times through the Hellenistic period, based on archaeological and historical sources. Emphasis on the period of the Pharaohs (ca. 3200-323 BC). Carries humanities divisional credit in CAS. Course fulfills Archaeology undergraduate topical requirement. 4 cr. Tuition: $2560

Summer 2 (July 5-August 11)


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