American Studies

Note: Course details for Summer 2019 will be available on December 15. The courses below were offered in Summer 2018 and can serve as a guide to what is typically offered.

College of Arts & Sciences

Introduction to American Studies

CAS AM 200

Topic for Summer 2018: Class Warfare: Alternative Schools of Boston's Past and Present. Explores Boston's legacy of experimental schooling through historical scholarship, excursions to local schools, and guest talks from practicing educators. Focuses on how political, social, and cultural changes have led some Bostonians to reject public schools. Topics include Freedom Schools, tool training, democratic education, homeschooling, and MOOCs. 4 cr.


Perspectives on the American Experience

CAS AM 301

Topic for Summer 2018: From Riot Grrrls to Nasty Women: The Politics of Pleasure and Respectability in Contemporary U.S. Feminism. Where did "third wave" feminism come from? This course examines how the women's movement, from the "first wave" until today, has dealt with questions of sexuality, pleasure, choice, and respectability. Topics include intersectionality, queer politics, sex positivity, radical feminism. 4 cr.