Actuarial Science

Metropolitan College

The following courses are electives within the Master of Science in Actuarial Science graduate degree program. They are also open to non-degree students who have an interest in actuarial science and who have completed the prerequisite course work.

Pension Mathematics and Mortality Tables

MET AT 782

Prereq: (MET MA 581 or CAS MA 581) and MET AT 721. Covers pension actuarial funding methods and the use of life contingencies. Included are analyses of the funding methods allowable under ERISA, their computation, and uses. Also reviews the use of mortality tables and discusses the various actuarial functions that are used in pension actuarial calculations. Finally, reviews implications for pension funding under the IRS. 4 cr. Tuition: $3520

Summer 1 (May 22-June 26)


Internship in Actuarial Science II

MET AT 982

Grad Prereq: MET AT 722 and MET AT 731 and cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and consent of instructor. Offered to students who seek practical applications of actuarial principles in insurance companies, financial institutions, pension consulting firms, and other related fields. Requires students to participate in an internship program with industry. Students need to submit monthly progress reports and a final semester report to the Chair, Department of Actuarial Science at Boston University. Variable cr. Tuition: $880 per credit

Fifteen-week course (May 21-August 30)


SAS with Statistical Applications

MET MA 603

Prereq: (MET MA 214 or CAS MA 214). Offers a unified and in-depth coverage of the statistical computer package SAS and its statistical applications. Topics include the language of SAS, data formatting, creating and storing SAS data sets, file manipulations, macro procedure, and graphics. Also included are procedures for statistical techniques selected from analysis of variance, regression, factor analysis, scoring, and categorical data analysis. Several large data sets are used as case studies emphasizing hands-on experience with SAS for Windows. Laboratory course. 4 cr. Tuition: $3520

Twelve-week course (May 23-August 8)