Students seeking to enter health care professions will find a number of Summer Term courses that focus on core areas of health sciences, while providing a means to satisfy a variety of requirements related to the health field. You should schedule a consultation with your pre-medical advisor prior to registering.

Pre-medical courses are offered through many College of Arts & Sciences departments, including:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

In addition, Summer Term offers a wide variety of courses that may be of interest to students interested in health care. Here is a sample list of courses that were offered in Summer 2018:

  • Human Biology, Behavior, and Evolution CAS AN 102
  • Medical Anthropology CAS AN 210
  • The Behavioral Biology of Women CAS AN 263
  • Introduction to Health Economics CAS EC 387
  • Introduction to Neuroscience CAS NE 101
  • The Neurobiology of Consciousness and Evolution of Language CAS NE 594
  • Medical Ethics CAS PH 251
  • Drugs and Behavior CAS PS 333
  • Neuropsychology CAS PS 338
  • Sociology of Health Care CAS SO 215
  • Next Generation Sequencing ENG BE 569
  • Mental Health & Justice Policy (Special Topic in Criminal Justice) MET CJ 510
  • Organization & Delivery of Health Care in the U.S. SAR HP 353
  • Introduction to Critical Inquiry SAR HS 210
  • Human Nutrition Science SAR HS 251
  • Introduction to Global Health SAR HS 325
  • Introduction to Global Environmental Public Health SAR HS 345
  • Emerging Infectious Diseases SAR HS 445
  • Gross Human Anatomy SAR HS 581