Course Codes

All Summer Term courses are assigned a College and departmental code, a three-digit course number and a section identifier. For example, CAS EC101S A1 means that the course is offered in the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), by the Economics Department (EC). The course number 101 indicates it is an introductory course, the S indicates it is a summer course, and section A1 indicates it is offered in Summer 1. Graduate level courses have course numbers above 500.

Expand the following sections for information about codes commonly used at Boston University Summer Term.

  • Schools & Colleges in Summer Term
    Code BU School or College
    CASCollege of Arts & Sciences
    CFACollege of Fine Arts
    CGSCollege of General Studies
    COMCollege of Communication
    ENGCollege of Engineering
    GMSGraduate Medical Sciences
    GRSGraduate School of Arts & Sciences
    METMetropolitan College
    QSTQuestrom School of Business
    SARCollege of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (Sargent College)
    SED Wheelock College of Education & Human Development
    SHASchool of Hospitality Administration
    SSWSchool of Social Work
    STHSchool of Theology
  • Department Codes in Summer Term
    Code BU School or College Title
    AA CAS African American Studies
    AC QST Accounting
    AC MET Accounting
    AD MET Administrative Studies
    AH CAS Art History
    AM CAS American Studies
    AN CAS Anthropology
    AP SED Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
    AR CAS Archaeology
    AR CFA Visual Arts
    AR MET Arts Administration
    AS CAS Astronomy
    AT MET Actuarial Science
    AT SAR Athletic Training
    BI CAS Biology
    BI SED Literacy & Language Education
    CE SED Literacy & Language Education
    CH CAS Chemistry
    CJ MET Criminal Justice
    CL CAS Classical Studies
    CM COM Mass Communication, Advertising & Public Relations
    CM MET Advertising
    CO COM Writing Program
    CP SSW Social Work
    CS CAS Computer Science
    CS MET Computer Science & Information Technology
    CT SED Curriculum & Teaching
    DE SED Literacy & Language Education
    EC CAS Economics
    EC ENG Electrical and Computer Engineering
    EC SED Curriculum & Teaching
    ED SED Education
    EK ENG Engineering
    EM SED Curriculum & Teaching
    EN CAS English
    ER PDP Emergency Medical Technician
    ES CAS Earth Science
    ES QST Executive Skills
    FE QST Finance and Economics
    FT COM Film and Television
    GE CAS Geography
    HB SSW Social Work
    HE SED Curriculum & Teaching
    HF SHA Hospitality Administration
    HI CAS History
    HI MET History
    HS SAR Health Science
    IM QST Business Policy and Law
    IR CAS International Relations
    IS QST Information Systems
    JO COM Journalism
    LA QST Business Policy and Law
    LC CAS Chinese
    LD CAS African Languages
    LC SED Literacy & Language Education
    LF CAS French
    LG CAS German
    LI CAS Italian
    LJ CAS Japanese
    LK CAS Korean
    LR CAS Russian
    LR SED Literacy & Language Education
    LS CAS Spanish
    LS SED Literacy & Language Education
    LX CAS Linguistics
    LY CAS Arabic
    MA CAS Mathematics and Statistics
    MA MET Mathematics
    ME ENG Mechanical Engineering
    ME SED Curriculum & Teaching
    MG MET Management
    MG QST Strategy and Innovation
    MK QST Marketing
    ML MET Gastronomy
    MU CAS Music
    MU CFA Music
    ME CFA Music Education
    MH CFA Music History
    ML CFA Applied Music
    MP CFA Music Performance
    MT CFA Music Theory
    NE CAS Neuroscience
    OB QST Organizational Behavior
    OM QST Operations and Technology Management
    PE SED Physical Education
    PH CAS Philosophy
    PO CAS Political Science
    PS CAS Psychological & Brain Studies
    PS MET Psychology
    PT SAR Physical Therapy
    PY CAS Physics
    QM QST Operations and Technology Management
    RN CAS Religion
    RS SED Literacy & Language Education
    SE SED Curriculum & Teaching
    SH SAR Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
    SM QST Management
    SO CAS Sociology
    SO MET Sociology
    SO SED Curriculum & Teaching
    SP QST Business Policy and Law
    SR SSW Social Work
    TC STH Theology
    TH CFA Theater
    TO STH Theology
    UA MET Urban Affairs
    WP SSW Social Work
    WR CAS Writing Program
    WS CAS Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
    XL CAS Comparative Literature
  • Course Numbers
    Course Number Level


    Non-degree credit


    Introductory or general undergraduate


    Intermediate undergraduate


    Advanced undergraduate


    Advanced undergraduate, graduate


    General graduate


    Advanced graduate


    Advanced graduate, directed study and research

  • Section Codes
    Section Code Description
    A Session 1 courses (A1, A2, A3)
    B Session 2 courses (B1, B2, B3)
    C Twelve-week courses
    O Online courses (OL, O1, O2)
    EL Blended courses (eLive)