Department of Advocacy

The Advocacy Department’s mission is to promote and protect the interests and rights of the Student Body and ensure that students can access the rights and the services they need. We hope to amplify the voices of students, putting a spotlight on any student issue. Through this department, students will be able to access resources and seek advice on how to affect change on campus. Our goal is to let no student feel marginalized.

RachelRachel Eckles (CAS’ 17)
Director of Advocacy

“Rachel is a double major in Economics and Environmental Analysis & Policy in CAS. She is an experienced organizer on BU’s campus, and has been involved in the campaign to Divest BU from fossil fuels. She is serving as director of the Advocacy Department because she is focused on fighting for causes that matter for the well-being, safety, and equal treatment of students. Rachel hopes to prove that student government can be there to stand with students who are trying to make change.”

Anna Lee (QST ’18)
Co-Deputy Director of Advocacy

“Anna is a junior studying Management Information Systems in the Questrom School of Business. Through Student Government, she hopes to protect and address the interests and rights of the BU students and ensure that they are aware of our presence. I am passionate about my friends, family, and life in general.”

Anthony Rivera
Co-Deputy Director of Advocacy

“Anthony is a sophomore studying International Relations and Political Science in the College of Arts and Sciences. Through Student Government, he hopes to stand up for those without a voice and believes that everyone is valuable to team success. He is passionate about social justice, international affairs, and politics.”


Sean Burciago
Executive Staffer

“Sean is a senior majoring in English with a minor in Business Administration.  He joined the Advocacy Department because he recognizes the value behind a student’s voice.  He feels that because our student body consists of many different voices and opinions, it is important to listen to what they have to say.  He hope to help make Student Government more easily accessible for students so that if they ever have an issue, they feel supported and confident moving forward!”