Center for Career Development/Educational Resource Center

Program Overview

The Center for Career Development (CCD) and Educational Resource Center (ERC) Student Ambassador Program (SAP) at Boston University (BU) is a student leadership program that enlists a diverse group of BU undergraduates to support the centers’ efforts to increase student awareness of and engagement with CCD and ERC programs and services.

Program Structure

The SAP has three teams—a Partnerships Team, a Programming Team, and a PR Team. Each team has a team captain (returning SA) and team members. Every SA will be assigned to one of the three teams.
Partnerships Team Overview
The sales team within the SAP, the Partnerships Team is focused on executing outreach through developing sustainable relationships with BU student organizations rather than to the general student population (a responsibility of all SAs). The members of this team concentrate on working with student organizations to determine how the SAP can best support them and their members in connecting with the CCD and ERC (e.g., through an SA workshop). The results of the work by this team include both increased awareness and use of CCD-ERC services and programs by student organization members.
Programming Team Overview
The Programming Team handles the logistics of requested programs at the Yawkey Center for Student Services. Additionally, they take responsibility for ensuring all SAs are both effectively trained and provided with professional and leadership development opportunities. This team is also charged with developing new strategies for outreach. Members guarantee programs run both seamlessly and professionally, which supports the Partnerships Team’s efforts to build sustainable partnerships with student groups.
PR Team Overview
The PR Team delivers effective and consistent communication across campus to promote the brands of the SAP, CCD, and ERC. This team’s members coordinate or support social media (such as the SA Tumblr blog and SA Twitter Account, @CCDERC_SA) and print materials (fliers, posters). Members focus on developing ways to promote the SAP and both centers to the general student population. It is the responsibility of all SAs to support this team by providing content for their efforts (e.g., each SA will write posts for the SA Tumblr account.

Paid Positions Within the Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors (SAs) are enthusiastic about providing their peers with the knowledge and tools that support academic and career related success at BU. SAs are challenged to think creatively about engaging peers in academic and career development through team projects and outreach initiatives. As liaisons to the BU community, SAs are the face of the CCD and ERC and help keep resources relevant and accessible by fostering a supportive peer-to-peer environment both at the Yawkey Center for Student Services and across campus.

Team Captain

Individuals who have served as a CCD-ERC Student Ambassador for at least two semesters (including fall, spring, and summer terms) are eligible to apply for a team captain role. Strong candidates for this position will have extensive knowledge about and experience with the CCD and ERC, exhibit strong leadership skills and willingness to grow, and display passion for the specific team(s) for which they are applying.

Student Ambassador Roles & Responsibilities

In addition to team-specific responsibilities, all Student Ambassadors (SAs) will be responsible for upholding and fulfilling the following roles and responsibilities.

  • Possess knowledge and in-depth understanding of the programs and services provided by the CCD and ERC
  • Help peers to identify academic and career-related problems and guide peers toward specific CCD-ERC programs and services based on identified need
  • Work with team members and greater membership of the Student Ambassador Program to increase BU undergraduate student population awareness of and engagement with CCD-ERC programs and services
  • Exemplify dependability, honesty, and trustworthiness to adhere to all responsibilities associated with their specific role within the Student Ambassador Program
  • Assess, critique, and improve quality of individual work by participating in 360 degree feedback and regular performance evaluation with the SOC and SOM
  • Manage time effectively, including arriving on time to work, completing tasks on time, following all payroll protocol, and signing in and out for all shifts worked in the Yawkey Center for Student Services
  • Prepare and deliver effective workshops
  • Set and pursue personal skill-development goals
  • Use identified project management systems and follow identified process and procedures associated with each system
  • Seek help when needed and offer assistance to fellow SAs
  • Make purposeful decisions regarding balance of education, work, and leisure-time activities


A strong Student Ambassador candidate is reliable, detail-oriented, creative, collaborative, and able to work independently. They will be able to inspire a sense of community, provide and accept feedback, work on a team, and be a professional representative of the CCD and ERC.

We seek to build a team balanced in experience, skills, background, and interpersonal strengths in order to meet the varied needs of the diverse BU student population. Factors include school/college, major, and graduation year, among others.

Candidates must be in good academic standing (minimum cumulative and semester GPA of 2.7/4.0).


  • Must be able to commit to working 10 hours per week
  • Must be able to work at least two weekday shifts during business hours (Student Ambassador business hours are Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM)
  • Must have occasional evening availability to facilitate programs between 5PM-9PM (possibility of 2-4 times per month)
  • Preferred: Ability to commit to at least two consecutive semesters (fall, spring)

Online Application

Applications for 2016-2017 Student Ambassador positions will be accepted through Friday, April 8th. If you have any questions, please contact Tesla Abrego, Student Outreach Coordinator, at