Request a Reservation

The Reservations system has moved to OrgSync.  Please submit all requests via the Event Request.  Please pardon our delay in reviewing previously submitted requests as we work through the transition to this new system.

One of the first steps in hosting a successful event is securing an appropriate room on campus.  All room requests are processed via the Student Activities Office with the support of the Reservations Office.  You can make these requests one of two ways.

Not sure where to start?  Come in to SAO and meet with an Event Consultant, no appointment necessary!  An Event Consultant will discuss your event ideas and determine, with you, the best place on campus for your needs.  Then, they will book a space for you on the spot with the Reservations staff who work out of SAO.

I’ve got this!  If you know exactly what you need and when you need it, go ahead and complete the Event form on OrgSync from your couch, the library, riding the BU Bus, anywhere you can get online.  Event Approvers at SAO will review all these requests within two business days and get back to you with a confirmed location.  Keep in mind, during the beginning of each semester when there are lots of reservation request, this process may take a bit longer.

Please note, the vast majority of spaces can be booked directly by the Reservations staff that we partner with.  However, there are a few proprietary spaces (like The Castle and Metcalf Ballroom requests for Friday and Saturday) that require additional review.  Our goal will always be to secure an answer for you within two business days.

No matter how you secure a room, in person at SAO or from home, once your event is approved on OrgSync, you can go ahead and begin submitting service and payment requests via the OrgSync Treasury.