Request a Reservation

The Reservations system has moved to 25live.  All requests must come from your club or organization secretary on the 25live reservations platform. 

Secretaries of organizations are required to make requests for space on behalf of their organization.  Once they complete the Blackboard course to learn how to use 25live, they can logon at If you’re group has a new secretary, ensure they complete the position forms on your portal so we can get them enrolled in the 25live program we use on campus for booking space.

Once you have your space reservation confirmed (you should receive an email with a confirmation number) go ahead and complete the Event form on OrgSync from your couch, the library, riding the BU Bus, anywhere you can get online.  Event Approvers at SAO will review all these requests within two business days and get back to you with a status update.  Keep in mind, during the beginning of each semester when there are lots of reservation request, this process may take a bit longer.

No matter how you secure a room, in person at SAO or from home, once your event is approved on OrgSync, you can go ahead and begin submitting service and payment requests via the OrgSync Treasury.