Program Space

Rules for Using BU Space

  • All space on campus must be reserved through the proper office.  Don’t worry, an Event Consultant can assist your club secretary in this process.
  • Academic space may be used by student organizations in accordance with policies regarding those particular rooms and/or buildings. First priority on academic space will always be given to academic needs (i.e., classes). Rehearsals and practices may not take place in classrooms until after 9pm.
  • Designated bulletin boards are provided in each facility. Nothing may be affixed to walls, doors, or windows of University facilities using tape, tacks, staples, or any other adhesives. There is a $50 fine for EACH affixed item.
  • Student organizations must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act when planning programs. Please contact the Reservations Office (617-353-2932) for details on the accessibility of particular rooms. Sign language interpreters are available through the Disability Services Office.
  • All setup of space must be requested via OrgSync and performed by Facilities Management & Planning.  All campus facilities used by a student organization must be restored to the condition they were in prior to the program by the organization.  Refer to the Packages Handbook for setup options and pricing for spaces across campus.
  • Technology installed in the classroom can be accessed by the student group.  If you need additional technology or would prefer support request can be made to Student Production Services or Learning & Event Technology Services, depending on the space.
  • All University facilities are smoke-free.
  • No open flames—including candles and pyrotechnics—are allowed in University facilities.

Food & Catering

All groups must use Catering on the Charles for food orders. There are several catering-free zones where outside food is allowed. These spaces are:

  • Sargent Activities Center
  • George Sherman Union basement and third floor
  • Residence halls
  • School of Theology basement

In some instances, Catering on the Charles will allow outside food to be provided.  The student group must request this exemption by complete the Catering Exemption Request form on OrgSync.  This form will be reviewed by Catering and approved on a case by case basis. If an exemption is granted, Catering on the Charles reserves the right to provide staffing and adequate serving equipment.

Charges for Venues

The University reserves the right to charge the organization for:

  • Any extra costs arising from the use of the facilities, such as loss or damage to University property.
  • Service charges for any staff overtime or room and/or equipment cleaning as required by, or as a result of, the program.
  • Facilities Management & Planning (FM&P) services to open/close buildings normally closed Saturday and/or Sunday, or weekday evenings. Your organization will be required to submit payment for these services.
  • Additionally, if the building is normally closed for the time period of an organization’s event, the organization is required to pay a FM&P custodian for the entire event.

Cancellation of Space & Services

Student organizations are required to cancel all reserved spaces that will not be used as far in advance as possible. Space is limited, so please make your unused space available to other student organizations and departments. Failure to do so may result in loss of space-use privilege.  Simply complete the Event Cancellation Form on OrgSync.

On-Campus Venues

Whether you’re hosting a simple group meeting or an all-out freestyle dance competition, we have a space that can fit your needs. Browse the venues available via 25live on the Charles River Campus to pick the best one for your needs. Then reserve space through OrgSync.

Off-Campus Facilities

Off-campus events should be registered via OrgSync, just like your on campus events.  Before planning your event, keep in mind a few expectations about off campus events.

In general, approval will not be given for programs to take place at off-campus residences.

For any event held at a non-University facility when the student organization is the sole or principal user of the facility, the facility must carry general liability insurance with a minimum of $1 million coverage, worker’s compensation in accordance with statutory limits, and excess umbrella coverage with a minimum of $5 million coverage.