• Today is Thursday, September 21
  • One week outSeptember 28
  • Two weeks outOctober 5
  • Three weeks outOctober 12
  • Four weeks outOctober 19


Starting week (3 weeks out)

  1. Meet with an activities consultant to discuss the policy and procedures for a raffle.
  2. Set up a meeting with the Assistant Director of Finance for after the event (617-353-3635).
  3. Register your event via OrgSync to secure a space on campus.  Browse available rooms to find the best one for your event or meet with an Event Consultant at SAO to disucss room options.
  4. Design and order tickets for printing, or request plain raffle tickets (free) from the Student Activities Business Office (SABO). The staff at SABO must inspect a final draft of any custom tickets and approve them prior to printing. Designed tickets must include, in typed lettering:
    • Your organization’s name
    • Boston University (full name, no abbreviations)
    • Drawing date, time, and location
    • Ticket price
    • Prizes to be awarded
    • The phrase “Winner(s) need not be present at the time of drawing.”
    • Ticket numbers, in a different color ink from the main text of the tickets. All tickets must be numbered starting with “1.” If your group prints the tickets, you must number your tickets with the numbering machine in our office with a staff member present.
    • A printing manifest, if the tickets are printed by an outside vendor

2 weeks out

Select prizes.  All prizes must be obtained prior to the beginning of the raffle.  You can store these prices at Student Activities.  If a prize is donated and cannot be stored in SABO, a copy of a letter from the person(s), company, or group donating the prize must be on file with SABO.  The letter must state the description, quantity, and dollar value of the prize.  Keep in mind, cash prizes are not allowed.  This includes a 50/50 raffle.

    Final week

    1. Number tickets (if not already printed with numbers) and store in SABO until you pick up cash collection materials.
    2. The Assistant Director of Finance must inspect all tickets prior to sale.
    3. Pick up cash collection materials, tickets, and prizes before 5 p.m. the day of the event for weekday raffles and before 5 p.m. on Friday for weekend raffles
    4. If your raffle is a part of a larger event, you must pick up a separate cash bag to keep raffle income separate from any ticket sales or other income.

    After the Drawing

    1. The next business day, follow the cash collection procedure for money collected during the raffle.
    2. Within three days of the drawing, set up a meeting with the Assistant Director of Finance (617-353-3635) to finish the following tasks:
      • Reconcile all tickets. All sold ticket stubs and unsold tickets are to be retained by the SABO.
      • Submit a list of all expenses in relation to the raffle.
      • The Business Office will assist you in filling out a Treasury request to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission for five percent of the gross revenue.
      • The Assistant Director of Finance will file the tax return.
      • If the entire process is not completed within 10 days after the day of the raffle, the group will be charged penalties and interest by the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.
    3. Submit documentation to the Business Office of the raffle winners that includes the name, address, phone number, and BU ID number (or Social Security Number if not a BU student) of the winner(s) along with the date, name of your organization, and a contact’s name and phone number.
    4. Follow up with any winners who weren’t present at the drawing to arrange for them to collect their prizes.