• Today is Monday, February 20
  • One week outFebruary 27
  • Two weeks outMarch 6
  • Three weeks outMarch 13
  • Four weeks outMarch 20

Starting week (4 weeks out)

  1. Register your event via OrgSync to secure a space for your performance.  Browse available rooms to find the best one for your event.  You’ll probably also want to reserve a space for rehearsal.  Rehearsals will need to be registered as a separate event if they are in a different location than your show.
  2. Four weeks before the performance, secure performance rights for the play and pay for them via the Treasury in OrgSync.
    • Your group must secure rights before you can perform the play. Any performance without obtaining rights prior to the show is subject to cancellation.
    • If performance rights are waived for your group, make sure Student Activities has written confirmation on file prior to the performance.
  3. Fill out Treasury Request for Facilities Management & Planning (FM&P)—including an electrician if using Morse Auditorium or the GSU—or speak to an activities consultant about potential FM&P needs.
  4. Fill out a Treasury Request for Student Production Services (SPS) to request your A/V needs.
  5. Student Activities staff will determine if you will need BUPD or added security.  If so, you will need to complete a Treasury Request to ensure services and payment.
  6. For ticket sales, use Eventbrite, set up through the Student Activities Business Office. *If your show will be performed at any athletic facility, paper tickets must be sold through Activities Information or through your organization using a cash bag.

2 weeks out

  1. This is a good time to do any advertising for your play. *Remember: posters, flyers, and cards can only be disseminated on campus.
  2. If you’re selling advance tickets for the performance, open ticket sales.

Final week

  1. Hit your social media outlets hard this week to boost attendance.
  2. If you’re selling tickets at the door, request ticket printing and stop by SABO the business day before your event to pick up a cash bag. Familiarize yourself with important cash collection policies.

After the performance

  1. Bring any cash collection materials and all cash collected to the Student Activities Business Office within one business day.