Film Screening

  • Today is Friday, January 30
  • One week outFebruary 6
  • Two weeks outFebruary 13
  • Three weeks outFebruary 20
  • Four weeks outFebruary 27

Starting week (4 weeks out)

  1. Four weeks before the screening, submit a Film Request to the Student Activities Business Office (SABO) to request a quote for the movie showing.
    • A Student Activities staff member must secure rights and order the film before you can show it, and as a student you can’t contact the company holding the film rights on your own.
    • If your group is allowed a free showing of a film, make sure you submit written documentation from the production company when you submit your paperwork to Student Activities.
    • You can show films rated G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17. If a film hasn’t been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, its rental or showing is subject to approval from our office. The same applies to films shown in residence halls.
    • Federal law applies. All motion pictures, prerecorded video cassettes, and video discs are subject to copyright laws. Sales or rentals of videos from a retail outlet do not confer any public performance rights upon the purchaser or renter. This means, no matter where you’re showing the film, as a group sponsored activity you must secure official rights to do so. You can’t just buy the movie from Target and pop it in the DVD player.
  2. Request program space from the Reservations Office. Browse available rooms to find the best one for your event.
  3. Contact Student Production Services to request the necessary A/V if you’re room is not a classroom. If you’re event will be in a classroom, let an Activities Consultant know when you turn in your paperwork and they will submit a request on your behalf to Classroom Technology Services.

3 weeks out

  1. Once you get a reservation number, complete the On-Campus Event Form and turn it in to our office along with any other necessary paperwork.
  2. After you receive your film order quote, fill out a purchase order (PO). The longer you wait, the greater the delay in ordering the film, so try to submit right away. (Note: Film rights purchased from multiple companies require different POs, but the total cost for multiple films from one company can be assessed on a single PO.
  3. Fill out an ISR for Student Production Services and attach the quote they gave you. Or, remember to ask an activities consultant to submit a request for Classroom Technology Services.
  4. Student Activities will order your film upon receipt of paperwork.
  5. For online ticket sales, use Eventbrite. *If your screening will be held in any athletic facility, paper tickets must be sold through Activities Information or through your organization using a cash bag.

2 weeks out

  1. This is a good time to do any advertising for your screening. *Remember: posters, flyers, and cards can only be disseminated on campus.
  2. If you’re selling advance tickets for the screening, open ticket sales.

Final week

  1. Hit your social media outlets hard this week to boost attendance. Talk to our mavens.
  2. If you’re selling tickets at the door, request ticket printing and fill out a Cash Collection Form (a full week prior to the screening). Familiarize yourself with important cash collection policies.
  3. Call the Student Activities Business Office (617-353-9514) two days before your show date to confirm the arrival of a film.
  4. Pick up and sign for your film at Student Activities no later than 5 p.m. the day of the screening for a weekday show or 5 p.m. on Friday for a weekend show.

After the screening

  1. Return your film to the Student Activities Business Office within one business day of your screening.
  2. Bring any cash collection materials and all cash collected to the Student Activities Business Office within one business day.