Concert/DJed Event

  • Today is Wednesday, August 27
  • One week outSeptember 3
  • Two weeks outSeptember 10
  • Three weeks outSeptember 17
  • Four weeks outSeptember 24

Starting week (4 weeks out)

  1. Request program space from the Reservations Office. Browse available spaces to find the best one for your event.
  2. Come into Student Activities to meet with a staff member to review the plans for your event.  We’ll determine security needs and all the necessary paperwork for your event.
  3. Once you receive a reservation number, complete the On-Campus Event and Performer Information Forms.
  4. Based on the Performer Information Form, the Student Activities Business Office (SABO) will generate a contract for the performer/act.
    • The artist/performer/agency must read the contract, agree to its terms, and mail the signed contract back to Student Activities. Only the performer or his/her agent can sign the contract.
    • *The signed contract must be received at least 10 days before the event to guarantee the check will be ready.
    • We will send the contract to BU’s Assistant Treasurer for signature and payment authorization. No one else is authorized to sign contracts on behalf of BU.
    • A check will be released for the performer only after receiving the signed contract and W-9 for the event.
    • Any rider items like sound, lighting, or stage equipment should be submitted separately by the performer/agent. Your group is responsible for providing these items.
  5. Fill out ISRs for Facilities Management & Planning (FM&P) or speak to an activities consultant about potential FM&P needs.
  6. Submit a request to Student Production Services (SPS) for your A/V needs.  Don’t forget to share the performer’s rider items with SPS to ensure you have the right setup.
  7. Contact a Student Activities staff member to determine whether you will need BUPD or added security.
  8. For ticket sales, use Eventbrite, set up through the Student Activities Business Office (SABO). *If your concert will be performed at any athletic facility, paper tickets must be sold through Activities Information or through your organization using a cash bag.

2 weeks out

  1. This is a good time to do any advertising for your performance. *Remember: posters, flyers, and cards can only be disseminated on campus.
  2. If you’re selling advance tickets for the performance, open ticket sales.

Final week

  1. Hit your social media outlets hard this week to boost attendance.
  2. If you’re selling tickets at the door, request ticket printing and fill out a Cash Collection Form (a full week prior to the performance). Familiarize yourself with important cash collection policies.

After the show or event

  1. Bring any cash collection materials and all cash collected to the Student Activities Business Office within one business day.