BU Services

Facilities Management & Planning (FM&P)

FM&P personnel open and close most campus buildings each day, and perform maintenance, upkeep, and setup of facilities. For certain kinds of programs, FM&P will be necessary since, as students, you’re restricted from setting up facilities on your own.

Opening/Closing Facilities Outside Normal Operating Hours

For a building to open early or to be kept open later than its usual closing time, complete a Payment Request Form for FM&P. You will need to contact the appropriate area manager to receive a quote.  Most quotes are given in hours.  Keep in mind, the labor quote is not the same as the actual length of your event.  Typically there is a four hour minimum.  The rate is $32.00 an hour.

George Sherman Union Facilities Setup

  • Complete diagrams of how you want the facility set up.  Meet with Joe, the area manager for the GSU.  His office is located on the second floor of the GSU by the Activities Information desk.  Sample diagram packages are available at Student Activities and can take the place of a meeting with Joe.  Be sure to consider facility limitations and capacities. A Payment Request must be completed along with the diagram, to pay the FM&P fee.
  • FM&P has a four-hour minimum charge for all setups and cleanups.

FM&P Electricians

  • Whenever a program requires electrical power that exceeds a standard outlet, FM&P electricians need to hook up additional power. Most lighting equipment involving a dimmer board requires additional electrical power.
  • Your request must include the date, location, total time power is needed, and the number of circuits and amps required for the program. It will take 5–7 business days to obtain a quote.

Catering on the Charles

Arranging Catered Food

Student Catering Guide

Deadline: One week prior to your event

The Student Catering Guide provides a lower cost. If your food requirements are minimal, speak to an activities consultant (AC). Student Catering Guide orders are placed by an AC and meeting with Catering is not necessary.  When using the Student Catering Guide, your group is responsible for the pick up and clean up of the food.

All Other Catering

Deadline: Four weeks prior to your event

  • Make an appointment with a Catering staff member to discuss the program at least four weeks prior to your program date. Bring the following information to the meeting:
    • Estimated attendance
    • Food/beverage budget
  • Submit the Payment Request Form along with all other program paperwork to Student Activities.


GSU Lower Level

Student Production Services (SPS)

SPS technicians are available for all programs that take place in the George Sherman Union and many programs in other campus facilities. SPS provides lighting, sound, and media support for student programs. (See Classroom Technology Services to access technology in a classroom). SPS will transport their own equipment to the program.

Arranging SPS

Deadline: Two weeks prior to your event

  • Submit an online request to SPS. When you’ve received a quote, complete a Payment Request Form to process payment.
  • Submit the form with the other program paperwork within the prescribed deadlines for the program.


GSU Lower Level

Classroom Technology Services

You can access any basic technology in a classroom on your own, as long as you have the room reserved.  Basic technology means just the projector system.  If you need any additional tech services you will need to request support from Student Production Services.

Learn how to use the classroom systems any number of ways.  Check out the training online or scheudle a visit to one of your group meetings.  Classroom Technology Services website has all the details available. And remember, this is a privilege.  Groups who damage Classroom Technology will be held responsible and may lose access privileges or be charged a fine.  Support for CTS on the weekends is limited so please plan accordingly.

Parking & Transportation Services

One-day parking passes for the Lower Bridge Lot are available through the Student Activities Business Office (SABO) for $8 each. They are paid for with a Funds Transfer. Passes are picked up at SABO.  Complete the form as a transfer to another student organization to account number 56000.

Parking passes for all other core campus parking lots are available for $10 each through a Payment Request Form to Parking & Transportation Services.  Complete the contact form to Parking with the date, lot, and number of passes.  Submit your ISR to process payment.  You will pick up the passes directly from Parking after payment has been processed.


    Parking and Transportation Services

    1019 Commonwealth Ave (note: there is no longer an office in the GSU)


    Boston University Police Department (BUPD)

    Police coverage is required at many programs for a variety of reasons, many of which are listed below. Student Activities, in consultation with the Boston University Police Department, makes the final determination of police coverage at a program.

    BUPD officers are paid a minimum of four hours and must be present one half hour before and after the scheduled program time.

    An officer(s) is usually required:

    • When cash is being collected
    • When a large crowd is expected
    • For events featuring a speaker/performer who is a public figure, a political candidate, a visiting dignitary, government official, etc.
    • For a lecture or program of a potentially controversial nature
    • For some events open to the general public
    • When alcohol is being served on campus

    Arranging BUPD Presence

    Deadline: At least two weeks prior to the program, you must submit the Payment Request Form.

    • Discuss the program with a staff member at Student Activities. We’ll contact BUPD regarding your program. Student organization members may not contact BUPD directly.
    • Once needs are determined, an ISR must be completed and submitted with the program paperwork to us within the appropriate deadlines.