Plan Events

The Essentials


With any event, start with a rough estimate of how much time you’ll need to plan and coordinate. The more time you allow yourself to plan, the smoother the process will be.  Peruse our handy planning timelines, complete with forms and requirements, for the events groups most often host:


Once you’ve got your time frame in mind, your next stop will likely be reserving space. We can help you get in touch with the right office for different spaces available on campus. Remember, certain BU policies govern spaces available for events. We’ve got full details on available space and the rules.

Paying for it

From the essentials to those elements that really make your event stand out, it costs money to hold an event. The Allocations Board can help with many of your funding needs. Requests for finds are handled directly on their website (Regular Request and Travel Request) and decisions are posted every Monday night here. Need other help finding funds? Come on in and talk to our staff who can help you with fundraising ideas to make your event successful.

Getting the Word Out

If you want to fill the Tsai Performance Center, you’ll need to promote your event. Social media provides a great—and free—channel for that (just ask our mavens), but don’t underestimate the power of the poster on campus. Our MKTG team can help you with online and print ad design. Make sure you’re familiar with BU’s rules about publicity distribution.


No need for lines around the block—we use Eventbrite for all online ticket sales. That covers almost all student events, with the exception of those held at the Tsai Performance Center, Sargent Activities Center, or any of the athletic facilities on campus. For those venues, printing tickets with us is a breeze. Read the full guidelines for ticket sales.

Nailing the Details

Now that you’ve got so many people pumped about your event, you want to make sure it goes off hitch-free. If your event is on campus, BU Services (provided at University rates) is your one-stop shop: