At SABO, these are just a few of the things we regularly help student groups do:

  • Pay for various events, from concerts to film screenings
  • Get answers to questions about your account
  • Understand business policy
  • Follow up with vendors on problem invoices, etc.
  • Set up your organization’s Eventbrite page for online ticket sales
  • Inquire after film rights, cost, and availability, including ordering films and returning them to the distributor
  • Obtain a secure cash collection bag and general admission tickets for door sales

Come visit us:

Sargent Activities Center
1 University Road, 1st Floor
Monday–Friday 9 a.m.–5 p.m

You’ll need your BU ID to sign out any materials.

Business Policies & Procedures


Student organizations must conduct all of their financial transactions through their account in SABO and must keep this account in good financial standing. Groups can keep track of their account through their Engage account under the Treasury section.

Cash Advances

Cash advances are only for group trips and may be used only for gas, parking, and tolls.  This will give you the cash you need to cover these expenses without having to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed.

  • Complete a Treasury request with the Payment Type ‘Cash Advance.’  The check will be cut to the individual in your student group that you designate the custodian of the advance.
  • When picking up the check, the custodian needs to set an appointment to reconcile the cash advance with a SABO representative after the event.
  • Itemized receipts for all purchases must be collected for reconciliation.  Remember to ask for receipts when you go through toll booths.
  • Any funds remaining from the cash advance must be deposited in SABO on the first business day after the trip.
  • Failure to reconcile cash advances will result in a daily fine and a suspended SABO account until reconciliation is completed.

Cash Collection

  • Any time money is to be collected, a cash bag must be used. *Boston University Police may be necessary to ensure safety of cash collected.  SAO staff will make this determination.
  • To obtain Cash Collection Materials visit SABO the day of, or business day prior if the event is on the weekend, to obtain a cash bag, change, receipt books, and/or roll of tickets.
  • All money collected must be deposited in SABO the business day following the event.  Bags may be left at Activities Information for safekeeping until SABO is open.
  • Money collected must reconcile accurately—do not spend any of the cash collected.


  • All money required for a program must be in the organization’s account before the program can be approved.
  • Individual students may not loan money to a student organization.
  • All money in a student organization account must be spent within University guidelines.
  • The treasurer is the only student group officer who may authorize financial transactions on behalf of the organization.
  • Purchase orders, checks, cash advances, and other SABO materials may be picked up by any organization member.
  • All payments are requested via submission in the groups Treasury.  If the group is also requesting Allocations Board funding payments are requested via Budgets.  If the group will be paying from their own funds, payment request are made via Revenue.  Staff in SABO will determine whether a Purchase Order, check, or other form of payment will be issued to the vendor.
  • Boston University will not pay a deposit on any services or products. Submit a payment request for the full amount via the Treasury and SABO will determine the correct payment terms in line with University policies.


  •  Allocations Board’s policy on fundraising is available in their handbook.
  • For more guidance and details on fundraising check out our recommendations and guidelines.


  • For expenses paid out of pocket for group events check can be issues for a reimbursement.  Complete a Purchase Requests and chose the Reimbursement category via the Treasury in your group’s Engage portal.  You will need to upload images of your receipts.  Once the request is approved by your treasurer, your reimbursement will be processed. If you are the treasurer, leave a comment in your Engage request to designate the president as authorized approver.

Undergraduate Student Fee & Eligibility

  • To be eligible for any Undergraduate Student Fee allocation, including Allocations Board funds, an organization must have membership open to all undergraduate students. All officers must be full-time undergraduate students.
  • Undergraduate Student Fee money will not be used for publications that do not conform to the Boston University Publications Policy, for the purchase of alcohol, for donations to charities, for direct benefit of political candidates, for supporting the candidacy of individual students/slates seeking Student Government office, or for any activity deemed to be illegal by local, state, or federal statutes.
  • An allocation recommendations from the Allocations Board are not considered final until approved by the Dean of Students.
  • Club sports, which are funded through the Department of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, are not eligible for funding through the Allocations Board.
  • RHAs and Student Government are not eligible for funding through the Allocations Board.
  • All organizations that receive direct allocations from the Undergraduate Student Fee are required to be audited by SABO at least once per year.

Program-Related Finances

  • All sales of tickets must be conducted in accordance with our ticket-selling procedure.
  • All charitable fundraising programs must be conducted in accordance with our fundraising procedure.
  • All raffles must be conducted in accordance with Commonwealth of Massachusetts laws and our raffle procedure, including filing appropriate forms with Student Activities.
  • SABO reserves the right to withhold the disbursement of funds which are deposited by check until the checks deposited have cleared.
  • All equipment or supplies purchased by a student organization are the property of Boston University and must comply with the procedures for the purchase of equipment. This property may not be used for the personal gains of any member of the University community and must be presented upon request to Student Activities. Student Activities may request the location where equipment will be stored.

Sponsorship of Outside Vendors

Sponsorship of sales by outside vendors must be approved by SABO and may be subject to approval by Auxiliary Services if the items to be sold do not have direct relationship to the purpose of the organization or are in conflict with preexisting University agreements.  For example, Coke cannot sponsor a student organization event because we are a Pepsi campus.