All forms must be typed, printed off, and then signed by the appropriate officers. All signatures must be originals and will be verified against your group’s signature sheet on file at Student Activities.

Signature Sheet

Signature Sheet 2014-15

All student organizations must have an updated signature sheet on file as part of the annual re-registration process.  All signatures must be on one form. If you need to change officer information, you must resubmit a new form reflecting that change.  That form must be submitted to the Student Activities Office either in person or via email. Please include in the email subject line “Change of Officer Form 2014-2015.” We now accept scanned written signatures.


All deadlines are subject to change based upon the scale and scope of your event. Meet with an Activities Consultant  as soon as possible to determine what paperwork is necessary and what deadlines are best for your program.

  • Allocations Board Funds Transfer (accompanies your payment paperwork)
    If you’re eligible for funding from the Allocations Board (AB), this form is how you secure AB payment for activities or services. Look here for more information on how to use your Allocated Funds
  • Payment Request Form
    This form will issue a payment to a university department, a vendor outside BU, or to a student as a reimbursement. With this form, your group can use either your student organization’s funds or any funds that you’ve been granted by the Allocations Board (AB). If you are an undergraduate group that has been allocated funds, you will also need to submit an AB Funds Transfer Form. Look here for more info on how to use your AB-granted funds. As of August 29, the Payment Request Form replaces the Internal Service Request (ISR), Purchase Order Request (PO), the Check Request, Performer Information Form (PIF), and the Marketing Print Request.
  • Deficit Agreement (accompanies your payment paperwork)
    You need this form when your organization has requested a withdrawal that exceeds the current balance in your account.
  • Funds Transfer (deadline: two weeks)
    A funds transfer allows your group to transfer sums from your account to another student organization or a departmental account. These can be for allocations, co-sponsorship of an event, funding for a program, or a contribution to the Auto Insurance Pool. You’ll need backup documentation, such as meeting minutes demonstrating transfer approval or a signed memo from your group’s treasurer, for all transfer requests.
  • Group Email Request Form
    When your group has been registered and you’re ready to apply for your official BU email account, fill out this form, submit to us to be signed, and then bring it over to IT in the Mugar Library. Complete instructions are on IS&T’s site (scroll down to the section for student organizations).
  • Honoraria Request Form (deadline: two weeks)
    This form serves as both documentation and a payment request for a guest lecturer, presenter, who is not signing a contract.
  • MKTG Digital Signage Request (deadline: one week)
    Use this online form to post free digital advertisements in the GSU link. Designs must be submitted in jpeg format at 1920x1080px (less than 20mb). Contact for more information.
  • Name Tag Order Form
    Complete this form to order BU name tags for your group.  This form must be typed and be accompanied by a Payment Request Form.

Event-Specific Forms

  • On-Campus Event (deadline: two to four weeks depending on scale of programs)
    This is the starting point for most group events at BU. You’ll need to know your event title, type, date, and location, as well as if you’re charging admission and how many attendees you expect. If possible, write a catchy description for the University calendar in the space provided.
  • Off-Campus Event (deadline: three weeks.  International trips: one semester)
    This form has the same function and requirements as the On-Campus Event form, but applies to any trip, performance, or other group activity held away from BU. In addition, you’ll most likely need to provide chaperone information.
  • Alcohol at an Event Form (deadline: three weeks)
    If your group wants to serve alcohol at any event—on campus or off—this form is a must. Please note: This form, and everything else related to the event, must be turned in at least three weeks prior to the event date.
  • Catering Exemption Form (deadline: submitted with your food purchase) All food must be provided by Catering on the Charles.  However, Catering will make exceptions for culturally specific foods that they cannot provide.  You must complete this form, and meet with a Catering on the Charles staff member to receive approval to use an outside vendor to provide your food.
  • Charitable Donation Form (deadline: no later than two weeks after the event)
    Fill out this form when your group is donating funds for a charitable institution. The recipient of funds raised must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit. This serves as your check request for donations.
  • Driver Release Form (deadline: two weeks)
    If you are driving a rented vehicle (not your personal vehicle) on behalf of your student group, complete this form.  A check must be completed on your driving record to ensure you are eligible to drive others.
  • Eating Contest Waiver (deadline: completed at event)
    Any student group hosting an eating contest must require all participants to sign this waiver before the event begins.  Completed forms should be returned to SAO to be kept on file.
  • Film Request Form (deadline: three weeks)
    This form is important for making sure Student Activities can secure the rights to a film you want to screen at BU. Make this your first step when planning a film screening.
  • Letter of Agreement (deadline: two weeks)
    Use this form when you are inviting a lecturer or performer who doesn’t require payment or honorarium.
  • Online Ticket Sales Form (deadline: one week before sales begin)
    Fill out this form in our office when your group wants to sell tickets online for an event (with the exceptions of events held at the Tsai Performance Center, Sargent Activities Center, or any athletic facility—Agganis, Track & Tennis, etc.). We’ll help you get set up with Eventbrite.
  • Release, Waiver of Claim, and Assumption of Risk Agreement (deadline: last business day before departure)
    All participants in off-campus trips must fill out this form and return it to Student Activities a minimum of one business day prior to departure.