How do I start a new student organization?

Before you begin, you’ll want the details for different types of organizations and the information you’ll need to get started. When you have all the pieces ready to go, you’ll submit an application—accepted twice a year, at the beginning of each semester—for review.

We just elected new officers for my group. What do I need to do next?

  1. Check out this blog post on transitioning new officers.
  2. Update your roster and officer positions on YouDo@BU and any social media outlets or websites you maintain.
  3. Complete a new signature sheet and submit it to Student Activities. All signatures must be original and on one form. Please give us the original—we can’t accept emailed or faxed versions.

Who can serve as an advisor and/or chaperone for my organization?

There are criteria advisors must agree to meet, but any exempt Boston University faculty or staff member is eligible to be your group’s advisor and/or chaperone.

What do posters for my group’s events need to include?

    • Your organization’s name
    • The date, time, and location of your event
    • “Boston University,” spelled out in full, no abbreviations
    • All undergrad groups must include the phrase “Partially funded by the Undergraduate Student Fee.”
    • Optionally, your group’s BU email, website, or social media info. You may not include anyone’s personal contact information or website.

Read more about promoting your group’s activities.

What happens to my weekly meeting reservation on a holiday or a switch day?

If it is a holiday Monday and the University is closed, your weekly meeting can still occur if your booking is in CAS, the GSU, or the Sargent Activities Center.  All other buildings are typically closed on long weekends.  If you are cancelling your meeting and you had reserved access to the classroom technology, please let SAO know so we can cancel your classroom technology request.  Please note, technology support may be unavailable in CAS on University holidays.

On switch days (when Monday classes are held on a Wednesday for example) your reservation does not transfer.  Monday recurring bookings are cancelled.  Wednesday recurring meetings are also cancelled.  You may request a one time meeting on the switch day from Reservations.

To double check what days are holidays and switch days check out the Registrar’s calender.

How do I maintain my organization?

You’ll need to re-register each year. Re-registration for groups to remain active for 2014-15 will be open April 1-May 18, 2014.   All organization officers will get re-registration details from us via email.  The re-registration process takes place on YouDo.