Here are a few things that we’d like you to keep in mind when you accept your role as an advisor of a student group.

Be a Resource

Offer your opinion and give advice to your student group. Give them examples from your experience as an advisor and help them understand a university policy they may have trouble grasping.

Be Available

Sometimes your students may ask you to chaperone or attend a program or trip. We encourage you to stay involved and build meaningful relationships with our students. There also may be times when your students will need you to sign off on paperwork. Clearly communicate the days and times you will be available to do so.

Faculty or staff members that are on sabbatical, extended medical leave, or away for research are not eligible to be an official campus advisor.

Be Involved

Our groups often meet on a weekly basis. Ask your e-board if they want you to attend their meetings or general meetings. Also ask for a calendar of events so you know when they traditionally plan programs or host annual events. This is also great to have on your radar in case you do have to review Student Activities paperwork with the students.

Be a Liaison

Most of our student groups seek out advisors who represent the school, college, or major they are involved in as a group. We encourage you to act as a liaison between your department and the student group.

Many times we see groups that want to collaborate with departments and offices on a program but it’s important to remind the students that Student Activities has a process for event management and you should check in with us before anyone starts the planning process.

Be Knowledgeable

Become familiar with the student organizations core mission and constitution. If there are internal issues within the group you can always refer to the constitution to take appropriate action if needed. Also, stay up to date on changes that happen in Student Activities that may affect your student group. For example, Allocations Board reviewed their funding policy and made the executive decision to not fund travel and accomodations. This affected several of our groups and they might need someone to help them understand why this change was made. Keep an eye out for our newsletters that will help keep you in the loop.