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Boston University enjoys a diverse and dynamic community of international students. For many years, students coming from Mexico have been an important part of that community. Mexican Students @ Boston University targets these students—and anyone else interested in Mexican Culture— and creates a space where these students can interact, get to know each other, and help organize events, host speakers, and raise awareness to make our campus more familiar with Mexico’s history, culture, politics, and society.

Given Mexico’s proximity to the United States, and BU’s vast number of Mexican students, the events—past and present—that happen south of the border have a real impact on our academic institution. Mexas @ BU is a platform that will allow anyone interested to get involved in Mexico-related events, get informed, and participate in a variety of cultural activities, panels, and projects.

Although primarily a cultural group, we will encompass an array of activities to touch on Mexico’s different aspects. We want to promote more awareness and understanding of Mexico on BU’s campus. Through original proposition and a highly committed e-boar, the group will be very active on campus.