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I Embrace You is a student run, grassroots peace-building organization that works to spread kindness, compassion and happiness at Boston University and in the Boston area. Our mission is:

“To create lasting peace through happiness, understanding and respect.”

Our initiatives promote kindness and respect in a community, making the environment feel warmer and more welcoming. Our activities work to create a more positive environment where kindness is a way of life!

I Embrace You operates with activities carried out on a weekly basis as well as with few special programs organized throughout the year. In addition, we produce merchandise to be sold and/or gifted to allow communities to express the I Embrace You ideals of common ground. We provide service to the community through weekly activities organized into three different I Embrace You Branches: Connective Kindness, Urban Smiles and Free Hug Fridays!

Our weekly meetings are held in the psychology building in room B33 at 7pm.

Free Hug Friday is every Friday in March Plaza from 12-3p!

To request to join our email list and get weekly updates, email hug@bu.edu.