Sasha Goodfriend


Sasha Goodfriend (CAS ’14)
Student Speaker

Seeing beyond the limits
Sasha will talk about strategies for effective student organizing, based on her own experiences at Boston University. She believes that while some people comfortably take to the activist role before college, most are reluctant, not believing they have the strength, resources, or time. Sasha hopes to explain that everyone can be a leader by understanding the following principles:

  • Having everyone Identify with Issue(s) + Concrete Goals
  • Relationship with administration
  • Keeping ourselves accountable
  • Using the social media effectively: Not all press is good press, and try and control the conversation when you can.
  • Trainings: One of the biggest inherent problems of being a student activist is the turnover rate.
  • Make organizing fun.

Sasha Goodfriend will be graduating this January from Boston University with a degree in International Relations, minoring in Women, Gender & Sexualities studies. She has served as the Activism Coordinator, & Co-Director of the Center for Gender, Sexuality & Activism and currently serves as the Alumni & Development Coordinator. When she’s not at BU, you can find her at the Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies archiving the last 25 years of feminist activism in Boston’s academic world.