Nicole Fichera

Nicole Fichera[1]

Nicole Fichera
Innovation District Manager at Boston Redevelopment Authority

Space and the sharing economy
Nicole’s talk will focus on creating space for innovation and creativity. That means space that makes you want to share, that makes you feel safe, that gives you energy…space that makes you want to dance or experiment or focus or expand your horizons. And it’s not just physical–space can be economic or social. Nicole will share stories about building spaces for conversation and creativity, and why sharing is reshaping the way we use space every day.

Nicole Fichera works in the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s Business Development Division as the Innovation District Manager for the City of Boston. The Innovation District is Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s initiative to transform 1000 acres of underdeveloped land on the South Boston waterfront into an urban environment that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration. Nicole studied architecture at Northeastern University, and is fascinated by the connection between innovation and place. She was on the design team for District Hall, Boston’s new public innovation center, and has designed many spaces for creativity and collaboration. Basically, she loves bringing people together and getting them talking, so she designs environments where that can happen. Sometimes these environments are physical or social, some are for businesses and some are academic, some are event-based or online. Every environment for every type of interaction has its own particular needs. Nicole works to identify those needs, and then designs situations, environments, systems, presentations, events, or even meeting agendas to address them.