Kelsey Warda


Kelsey Warda (ENG ’14)
Student Speaker

Apples to Apples: The need for a collaborative tomorrow
Kelsey’s talk will highlight the importance of technology and idea sharing by looking at personal examples from her internship at ESPN and throughout the course of her education. She hopes to make connections between where we are today, where we will be tomorrow, and how we can move forward in the right direction.

Kelsey is a senior in the College of Engineering from southern California. As a young girl, Kelsey knew that she wanted to be an engineer. She loved to take apart her toys and electronics to learn how, and why, they worked the way they did. Her love of technology evolved when she founded her high school’s robotics team under the international FIRST Robotics organization, which then inspired her to study electrical engineering in college. This past summer, Kelsey worked at the ESPN headquarters. Kelsey’s mind and heart share a passion for innovation and for changing the world, one idea at a time.