Campus Experience Enriched As Advisor

in Advisors
November 6th, 2013

I have been very fortunate over the years to have advised a number of student groups.  As the Director of the Community Service Center (CSC) on campus, it is not surprising that students wishing to form a student group, which hopes to volunteer, educate or raise money for a nonprofit, often come knocking on my door.  We at the CSC typically have a good grasp on what volunteer efforts are already being made by students and thus can provide some helpful advice on what initiatives seem to be missing or what issue areas are not supported as much as others by BU students.  We also have a large network of organizations that we work with and can suggest partnership opportunities.  I love meeting with these student groups because they really keep me on my toes and in touch with the types of service students are interested in.  They make suggestions that I wouldn’t have thought of and push me to think outside the box.  They constantly open my eyes to a new perspective or way of viewing an issue and how we as a community can help.  They also allow me to connect existing volunteers in well-established programs or student groups with prospective volunteers looking to make a difference so as to widen our impact.

Lindsey Kotowics, Director of Community Service Center

Advisor for: Hunger Relief, Circle K International, Omega Phi Alpha, Sweethearts