Payment Plans

Tuition Payment Plan

Students and their families may choose to budget all or part of their academic charges in monthly installments* with the Tuition Payment Plan administered by Higher One.

Tuition Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines
Semester: Payment Plan: Enrollment Deadline:
Fall 2015 5 Payment Plan for fall expenses only August 5, 2015
Spring 2016 5 Payment Plan for spring expenses only December 16, 2015

For more information about the Tuition Payment Plan or to enroll online, please visit the BU section of the Tuition Payment Plan website and click on Enroll Now or call 888-844-4754 to speak with a payment plan consultant.

For further information on the Tuition Payment Plan, please visit our Tuition Payment Plan FAQs. Also, see the Higher One Tuition Payment Plan Plan FAQs available from their website.

* All available plans and applicable payment options, fees, and disclosures will be presented to you during enrollment. An enrollment fee and other fees may apply.

Deferred Payment Plans (Part-time Students)

If you are certified as a part-time student, you have the option of settling your account by enrolling in one of two deferred payment plans. These payment plans are administered by Boston University and enrollment is available online. A Kerberos password is easy to set and is required to enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan.

For enrollment in either plan, an initial payment and a completed online promissory note are due by the semester payment deadline listed below. This initial payment includes any prior balance, 25 percent of the current semester tuition, a $50 Deferred Payment Fee, as well as any additional semester fees.

Deferred Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines 
Semester: Deadline: Deadline for New Grad Students and Metropolitan College
Fall 2015 August 5 September 16
Spring 2016 December 16 February 1
Summer 1 2015 May 19
Summer 2 2015 June 29

There are two options for completing payment of the deferred 75 percent. The two options are described below.

Deferred Payment Option 1:

Three equal payments of 25 percent of tuition.

Deferred Payment Dates for Fall 2015 Semester

  • October 13
  • November 10
  • December 10

Deferred Payment Dates for Spring 2016 Semester

  • February 10
  • March 10
  • April 11

Deferred Payment Option 2:

One payment of 75 percent of tuition.

Deferred Payment Date for Fall 2015 Semester

  • February 10

Deferred Payment Date for Spring 2016 Semester

  • June 10

Deferred Payment Date for Summer 1 2015 Semester

  • July 16

Deferred Payment Date for Summer 2 2015 Semester

  • August 27

Enrollment in Option 2 requires that students complete authorization online for their credit card to be charged for the deferred amount.

Enrollment is available online at the Student Link. Click on Money Matters, then Student Account Inquiry, and select the Deferred Payment option. Enrollment in the deferred payment plan must be completed by the semester payment deadline in order to avoid a late payment fee.