Refund Requests

If you have a valid credit balance on your student account, you may now request your refund on the StudentLink (select “Money Matters” and then “Student Account Inquiry”). The funds will be directly deposited into your U.S. bank account.

No more filling out paper forms or waiting to pick up a check—request your refund online now!

Student Accounting Services will review your refund request and determine your eligibility for a refund. Approved refunds will be deposited into the bank account you provide within 7-11 business days. Please be sure to confirm your bank account information when submitting your request. You will receive an email notification once your refund is approved.

Refunds are processed according to the method of payment received by Boston University:

  • Electronic or paper check payments require a 10 day waiting period before being refunded as a check or direct deposit.
  • Credit card payments are credited back to the credit card that was used for payment.
  • If your balance was paid through either Flywire or Western Union Business Solutions, the refund will be sent back to the original account from which the funds were transferred.
  • If it is determined that your refund must be made co-payable to an outside sponsor, lender or other third party, your refund request will be processed as a check.

Financial Aid Recipients:
Your refund request will be forwarded to BU Financial Assistance or to your Graduate Aid Office for their approval.
If the credit on a student account is the result of pending financial aid items, it means that Boston University has not received the funds. Students with pending financial aid may not have a refund issued until the awards have posted to your student account.

Federal Title IV Aid Recipients: Any Title IV refund that is required to be made to you will be directed to the bank account submitted with your request.

A valid credit balance cannot be released until the first day of classes for which the credit applies.

Please contact Student Accounting Services at 617/353-2264 if you have any questions regarding your refund request.

Federal (Title IV) Refunds to Students

In compliance with federal regulations, automatic refunds will be processed for all Federal Financial Aid recipients whose total federal funds exceed allowable semester expenses, unless the student or parent borrower (for PLUS loans) authorizes the University to retain the funds to cover other expenses. Allowable expenses include, and are limited to, tuition, fees, and contract room and board.

Since federal regulations prohibit the University from using excess federal funds for non-allowable charges (including medical insurance, late fees, Convenience Points, library fines, and prior balances) a federal refund may result in an outstanding balance. Students and parent borrowers (for PLUS loans) can prevent this by completing a Federal Financial Aid Credit Authorization Form and submitting it to Student Accounting Services. Students can file a Federal Financial Aid Credit Authorization on the Student Link, download the Federal Financial Aid Credit Authorization form, or request to have one mailed by calling Student Accounting Services at 617-353-2264.

Boston University Refund Guidelines for Financial Aid Recipients