Tuition Payment Plan FAQs

Our website also answers your frequently asked questions about Student Accounting Services.

About the Tuition Payment Plan

The Tuition Payment Plan is a monthly payment program offered through Higher One. The plan allows you to break down your expenses for each semester into five monthly installments, rather than a lump sum payment. If you enroll in the plan, you will make monthly payments from May through September for the Fall Semester, and October through February for the Spring Semester. You can enroll in the payment plan at

What is the cost of the monthly payment plan?

There is a $35 enrollment fee per semester, and other fees may apply. All available plans, and applicable payment options, fees, and disclosures will be presented to you during enrollment.

How do the monthly payments work?

You will be making your contracted monthly payments through Higher One Tuition Payment Plan. After your initial down payment to complete your enrollment, the remaining months’ payments are due on the 15th of each month of the plan duration. You can view Higher One’s payment options and details on their FAQ page. Please note that credit card payments are not accepted.

The payment plan started in May/October and I’ve missed some monthly payments. Can I still enroll?

Yes, you can enroll in the payment plan until the Fall Semester payment deadline, August 5, 2015. The spring payment plan is open for enrollment until December 16, 2015. If you enroll in the payment plan after monthly payments have begun, you will need to include these monthly payments in your initial payment when you enroll.

How do I determine what my plan amount should be?

The Tuition Payment Plan website has a calculator that can assist you. Alternatively, you can contact Student Accounting Services at 617-353-2264 and a staff member will be happy to help you determine your payment plan amount.

Can I reduce the payment plan amount if other resources become available?

Yes, you can login to your Tuition Payment Plan account and adjust your plan online. Or, you may contact Tuition Payment Plan at 888-844-4754 and speak with a consultant who can assist you in reducing your plan amount. The reduction will spread among the remaining payments. Please note: No refund will be made to previously paid amounts unless an actual credit balance exists on the student’s Boston University account.

If you wish to reduce your plan amount, please visit

Can I increase the amount budgeted through the payment plan after I enroll?

Yes, if your initial budget amount is insufficient to cover your balance due, you may increase your semester contract amount. Since your initial monthly payments were insufficient, you will be required to pay the discrepancy for those prior payments upon adjustment of your plan amount. Once your contract increase is processed, the additional anticipated payment amount will be applied to the semester invoice and will be reflected on your student account.

If you wish to increase your plan amount, please visit

I just updated my payment plan amount. When will I see the changes reflected on my student account?

Changes made through Higher One should appear on your student account statement the following business day. Any payments made will appear on the student account with a transaction date. The remaining contracted amount will appear as a pending item on the bill.

My semester account balance has changed. Will my payment plan amount be updated automatically?

Payment plan amounts are not be updated automatically. If an adjustment to your student account results in a balance due, you may contact Higher One to increase your plan amount if there are at least two months remaining in the 5-pay semester payment plan. Or, you may make payment to BU directly. If an adjustment to your student account results in a decrease in the amount due, you may contact Higher One to decrease your plan amount, or you may continue to make the monthly payments and any overpayment will remain on your student account for use in a future semester.

Why is there a pending item labeled “Tuition Payment Plan” on my student account?

You will see this pending item anytime you have scheduled payments remaining in your Tuition Payment Plan contract. The pending amount on your bill should equal the remaining portion of your contract. As you make your monthly payments, the pending amount on your bill will decrease until you have completed your payment plan. At that point, all of your payments should be listed on your student account with a transaction date.

I am a CGS student entering in January. Can I set up a payment plan through the Summer semester?

Yes, there is a Summer Tuition Payment Plan for CGS January-start freshmen. You can set up a five month plan for the Spring semester with payments due October through February, and there will also be the option to set up a separate three month plan for the Summer semester with payments due March through May.