Report to the President


Undergraduate Education

  • Selectivity
    • Acceptance and yield
    • Quality of applicant pool
    • Diversity of applicant pool
  • Retention and completion rates, including measures of internal transfer and changes of major
  • Post-graduate scholarships and placement rates
    • Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall Scholarships
    • Graduate school admissions
    • Employment
    • Internships/externships (i.e., internships leading to post-graduate employment)
    • Service, such as Teach America and Peace Corps
  • Alumni surveys and participation in philanthropic support of the University
  • Faculty/student ratios

Graduate and Professional Education and Research

  • Sponsored research awards
  • Rankings
    • Number of top-ten departments and Schools
    • Number of top-twenty departments and Schools
  • Job placement of doctoral students
  • Job placement of professional students and student success in passing professional entrance examinations
  • Undergraduate research participation
    • Number of students who complete senior/honors theses
  • Library volumes (hard copy and electronic as well as available services and infrastructure)


  • Vacancy rates and completed searches; promotion and tenure rates
  • Diversity
  • External recognition of faculty quality
  • Teaching: new courses, use of educational technology
  • Multi-department hires, cross-School and cross-departmental course development
  • International presence

Student Life

  • Student satisfaction surveys
  • Client surveys (service offices)
  • Participation rates: student activities, athletics, leadership opportunities

Administrative Staffing, Services, and Systems

  • Facility condition index
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Technology user survey
  • Staff vacancy rates, internal promotions, and completed hires
  • Staff “quality of life” measures
  • Endowment size and market performance
  • Success of a capital campaign
  • Tuition: discount rate and increases
  • Operating and non-operating revenue
  • Staffing levels