Report to the President

Letter from the President

Dear Friends:

Planning for our future is the most important focus for the collective energy of the BU community right now. Already, Boston University is a great private urban research university. With a shared vision and articulated plan for the future, we can move from prominence to preeminence. One BU, the report of Strategic Planning Coordinating Task Force, lays the foundation for this vision and plan.

As many of you know, the planning process began last spring with the creation of individual plans by Schools and Colleges. Taking these plans as a starting point, the Task Force has been working diligently through the summer and fall to produce their report. One BU proposes a significant change in the culture and strategic orientation of the University, encourages us to look holistically at our academic programs, especially undergraduate education, and suggests ways to better leverage our considerable strengths in graduate education, research and scholarship, and outreach. The report calls for a renewed and heightened commitment to excellence in our faculty and graduate programs, a distinctive and forward-looking undergraduate curriculum, and a continued dedication to enhancing the undergraduate residential and student life experience, as well as transparency in financing and budgeting, opportunities for professional and career development for staff, and a renewal of key academic spaces.

We hope to engage the Boston University community in a discussion of the report. I would like to encourage you to post your comments and feedback on the online forum available on this website, or to email them directly to Doug Sears, Chair of the Strategic Planning Coordinating Task Force. I hope you will read the report carefully and actively participate in the conversation about planning. Your voice is important.

Yours sincerely,

Robert A. Brown