Charge to the Task Force

(Excerpt from a Letter from From Dr. Jean Morrison, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer: Announcement of University-wide Strategic Planning Process; Appointment of Strategic Planning Task Force, 10/9/18)

“Together with the input of the community, the BU Strategic Planning Task Force will be charged with taking this assessment and translating it into a vision and set of actionable priorities for Boston University over the next decade. The charge to the Task Force will include the following:

  1. Work collaboratively and in consultation with faculty, students, and relevant staff across the University to develop and create a set of institutional priorities that position BU to lead in a competitive, rapidly changing environment;
  2. Research and review the strategic planning documents and best practices of peer institutions that have recently initiated this process;

Using the strategic planning white paper, the results of your research, and the feedback received from members of the community, draft a report that issues a set of recommendations and actionable, attainable commitments for the University over the next 10 years. The report should answer the three questions posed by President Brown in his April letter:

  • How do we educate Boston University students to live, succeed, and lead in this changing world?
  • What will Boston University’s role be—through our research, scholarship, and service—in shaping our society as demographic and technological changes occur?
  • How do we best organize the University to execute on the commitments that come from our answers to the first two questions and thereby optimize our value to our students and society?

It is my hope that the Task Force will complete its report for presentation to the Board of Trustees in early summer 2019. That report will be the basis for the University’s Strategic Plan for 2030. Over the following year, the University will work to finalize the plan and prepare an aligned financial strategy in consultation with the faculty, University leadership, and the Board of Trustees, with the goal of ratification by May 2020.”