Why Does BU Need a Strategic Plan?

(Excerpt from White Paper, “Boston University Strategic Plan 2018 — Phase I”)

An actionable strategic plan establishes measurable goals and objectives that allow us to make decisions about our institutional investments and activities.  As we embark on a new strategic planning process for Boston University in 2018 – for only the second time in our history – we need to do this with a clear understanding of:

  • Our accomplishments related to the goals outlined in the 2007 plan and its refreshed version in 2014;
  • Our collective assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, both within our individual schools and colleges and more broadly as an institution; and
  • The relevant external changes in the national and international landscape impacting higher education broadly and BU specifically.

This characterization of Boston University’s position in 2018, based on review of available data (and recognizing also the absence of some relevant data), allows us to establish the realistic boundary conditions for the creative and aspirational conversations that will comprise Phase II of our strategic planning effort – namely, what we imagine Boston University can be in 2030.