Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Dictionary of Judaism in the Biblical Period: 450 B.C. E. to 600 C. E. Jacob Neusner, ed.
X BM 50 D525 1996 (2 vols.)
A ready reference guide to reading the Bible and related books.

The New Encyclopedia of Judaism. Geoffrey Wigoder.
THEO REF BM 50 E63 2002
A general introduction to Judaism, focusing on religious life, contemporary issues, and historical development.

Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion.  R. J. Zwi Werblowsky & Geoffrey Wigoder, eds.
THEO REF BM 50 .O94 1997
Introductory guide to Jewish religious beliefs and practices, not intended to provide data on the social aspects of Judaism. Arranged alphabetically and includes extensive cross references. A list of abbreviations, a Hebrew transliteration table and bibliographic entries are provided.

Encyclopedia of Hasidism. Tzvi M. Rabinowicz.
XBM 198 E53 1996
Includes brief biographical entries, definitions of terms, and information on relevant geographic locations .

Cambridge History of Judaism. 3 vols. W. D. Davies & Louis Finkelstein, eds.
THEO REF BM155.2 .C35
This set covers the history of Judaism from the Persian period to the Early Roman Period. A fourth volume covering 70 C. E. – 640 C. E. is planned for March 2006. Footnotes and chapter bibliographies are included. Each volume contains an index and chronological tables.

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust.
4 vols. Israel Gutman.
XD 804.3 E53 1990
A comprehensive encyclopedia on the background, history and impact of the Holocaust.

Encyclopaedia Judaica. 16 vols. Cecil Roth.
XDS 102.8 E496 1973m
A comprehensive survey of all aspects of Jewish life and thought. Many illustrations and photographs. Consult Vol. 1 for a detailed index. Includes a Jewish calendar through the year 2000.

Encyclopaedia Hebraica. 16 vols.
XDS 102.8 F48
A general encyclopedia, written in Hebrew.

The Jewish Encyclopedia. 12 vols. (1901-06)
XDS 102.8 FO 1
A scholarly encyclopedia still useful for its historical articles.

The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations in the Holy Land. 4 vols. Ephraim Stern.
XDS 111 A2 N488 1993
This encyclopedia has entries for archaeological sites,subjects, and overviews of regions. Includes maps, photos, and bibliographies.

Jewish-American History and Culture: An Encyclopedia. Jack Fischel & Sanford Pinsker.
XE 184 J5 J48 1992
A survey of the Jewish experience in the United States.

Historical Dictionary of Judaism. Norman Solomon.
XBM 50 .S65 1998
Presents information on important persons and institutions in Judaism as well as concepts, writings, rites, and practices. It includes several tables, appendices, a chronology of the Jewish religion, and a bibliography for further research.