Judaica Americana: A Bibliography of Publications to 1900. 2 vols. Robert Singerman.
Volume 1 – Chronological File 1676 to 1889.
Volume 2 – Chronological File 1890 to 1900, Union List of Nineteenth Century Jewish Serials Published in the United States, Index.
XZ 6363 U5 S58
Provides library locations for items listed.

A History and Guide to Judaic Bibliography. Shimeon Brisman.
XZ 6366 B8 1977 v.1
Detailed description of bibliographies related to Judaism.

A History and Guide to Judaic Encyclopedias and Lexicons. Shimeon Brisman.
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Detailed information on encyclopedias and lexicons published worldwide.

Jewish Reference Sources: A Selective, Annotated Bibliographic Guide. Charles Cutter and Mica Falk Oppenheipm.
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Sources are listed by type and by subject.

International Bibliography of Jewish History and Thought. Jonathan Kaplan.
XZ 6366 K34 1984
Lists general works by historical period.

Jewish Serials of the World: A Research Bibliography of Secondary Sources. Robert Singerman.
XZ 6366 S526 1986
Arranged geographically, includes supplement.

Jewish Mysticism: An Annotated Bibliography on the Kabbalah in English. Sheila A. Spector.
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Provides information on essays, articles, and books.

American Jewish History: A Bibliographical Guide.
Jeffrey S. Gurock.
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A descriptive bibliography with recommendations for basic readings.

Judaica Americana: An Annotated Bibliography of Publications from 1960 to 1990. 2 vol. Nathan M. Kaganoff.
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This source compiles bibliographies originally published in American Jewish History , the quarterly publication of the American Jewish Historical Society.

Jewish Heritage in America: An Annotated Bibliography. Sharad Karkhanis.
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Books and articles published from 1925 – 1987.

The Jewish Experience: A Guide to Manuscript Sources in the Library of Congress. Gary J. Kohn.
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Manuscript collections listed by subject, person or organization.