A Reader’s Guide to the Great Religions. Charles J. Adams. (1977)
Mugar Reference XZ 7833 A35 1977

This bibliographic guide to book and journal literature focuses on the history and traditions of the world’s principal religions. Rather than an annotated list of sources, it includes descriptive essays signed by contributors to the volume. It includes author and subject indexes.

Black Women and Religion: A Bibliography. Marilyn Richardson. (1980)
Mugar Reference XZ 1361 N39 R53

These annotated entries on the role of black women in religious traditions cover music, art, literature and A-V materials as well as academic articles and books. An appendix providing biographical references and an index are located at the end of the volume.

American Religion and Philosophy: A Guide to Information Sources. Ernest R. Sandeen. (1978)
Mugar Reference XZ 7757 U5 S25
Focuses on Judeo-Christian beliefs; some information on Native Americans.

Church and State in America: A Bibliographical Guide. John F. Wilson.
Mugar Reference XZ 7776.72 C48 1986

Volume 1: The Colonial and Early National Periods is located at Mugar Memorial Library and provides an overview of resources dealing with the church-state issue in American culture from the colonial period to the Civil War. Essays are followed by a listing of books, articles, primary sources, and critical bibliographies. (Volume 2: The Civil War to the Present Day is available under the same call number in the Law Annex .)

The Sociology of Religion: An Organizational Bibliography. Anthony J. Blasi.
Mugar Reference XZ 78311 B54 1990

This source includes studies of better and lesser known religious traditions in the world as well as new religions and cults that have emerged in contemporary societies. It highlights the presence of religious traditions and denominations in national, regional, and local contexts. Some entries are annotated. Author and subject indexes are located at the end of the volume.

Religion and Society in North America: An Annotated Bibliography. Robert De Brunkow.
Mugar Reference XZ 7831 R44 1983

Lists periodical articles; compiled from America: History and Life.

New Religious Movements in the United States and Canada: A Critical Assessment and Annotated Bibliography. Diane Choquette. (1985)
Mugar Reference XZ 7834 U6 C46 1985

This is an annotated, classified bibliography of English language monographs, serial literature, dissertations, and unpublished papers documenting new religious and human potential movements in North America published from 1960 to 1983. It includes author/title and subject indexes.

Social Science and the Cults: An Annotated Bibliography. John A. Saliba. (1990)
Mugar Reference XZ 7835 C86 S34

This bibliography provides comprehensive coverage of materials that address new religious movements as well as literature on alternative and other groups cited by scholars in the field. Annotations are descriptive rather than critical. Indexes to authors, religious movements, and subjects are found at the end of the volume.

Women in American Religious History: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide to Sources. Dorothy C. Bass 1986
Mugar Reference XZ 7936 R45 B37
This comprehensive guide to the literature dealing with women in religion from colonial times to 1984 is divided into seven sections: general works, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Judaism, African-American Religions, Native American Religions, and Others. Entries are annotated. A general index is included at the end of the work.