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Encyclopedias, Directories and General Histories

Atlas du Monde Chretien; l’expansion du christianisme a travers les siecles. [par] Antoine Freitag, avec la collaboration de Henri Emmerich et Jacques Buijs.
Ref. BV 2100 .F7

The Chinese Recorder Index: A Guide to Christian Missions in Asia, Books. 2 Volumes. Kathleen Lodwick. Mug 1867-1941.
Ref. BV 3410 .C6 Suppl.

Concise Dictionary of the Christian World Mission. Edited by Stephen Neill, Gerald H. Anderson [and] John Goodwin.
Ref. BV 2040 .N44

Directory, North American Protestant Schools and Professors of Mission. Prepared and edited by Missions Advanced Research and Communication Center.
Ref. BV 2092 .U5 D57 1982

Encyclopedia of Missions and Missionaries. Edited by John Bonk.
Ref. BV2040 .E48 2007

Encyclopedia of Missions.Descriptive, historical,biographical, statistical. Edited under the auspices of the Bureau of Missions, by Henry Otis Dwight, H. Allen Tupper and Edwin Munsell Bliss
Research BV 2040 .D85 1904/ Mugar BV 2040 .F04

Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Missions; the agencies. Burton L. Goddard, editor. William Nigel Kerr [and] William L. Lane, associate editor[s], David M. Scholer, assistant editor.
Ref. BV 2040 .E53

Encyclopedia of Modern Missions: Descriptive, Historical, Biographical, Statistical. Edited by Edwin M. Bliss, Samuel M. Jackson, and George W. Gilmore.
Ref BV2040 .E5 2002

Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions. Edited by A. Scott Moreau and Harold A. Netland.
Ref. BV2040 .E92 2000

From Every People : a handbook of Two-Thirds World missions, with directory, histories, analysis. Larry D. Pate.
Ref. BV 2050 .P38

A Geography and Atlas of Protestant Missions; their environment,
forces, distribution, methods, problems, results and prospects
at the opening of the twentieth century.
2 vols. Beach, Harlan P.
Ref. BV 2045 .B4.

History of Methodist Missions. 4 Volumes. Wade Crawford Barclay.
Ref. BV 2550 .B33

International Mission Bibliography. Edited by Norman Thomas.
Ref. Z7817 .I58 2003

Interpretative Statistical Survey of the World Mission of the Christian Church: summary and detailed statistics of churches and missionary societies, interpretative articles, and indices. International Missionary Council, edited by Joseph I. Parker.
Ref. BV 2060 . I55

Mission Handbook: North American Protestant ministries overseas. Missions Advanced Research and Communication Center.
Ref. BV 2050 .D55 1997

Reaching the Unreached in. Missions Advanced Research and Communication Center.
Research BV 2050 .M48

Reference Guide to Christian Missionary Societies in China: From the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century. Edited by R.G. Tiedemann.
Mugar Open Stacks BV2010 .T54 2009 (also available as an e-book)

The Twentieth Century Atlas of the Christian World; the expansion of Christianity through the centuries. Anton Freitag, in collaboration with Heinrich Emmerich and Jakob Buijs.
Mugar Ref. X BV 2100 .F63

Unreached Peoples Directory. Missions Advanced Research and Communication Center.
Ref. BV 2050 .M5

The Universe Atlas of the Christian World; the expansion of Christianity through the centuries. Anton Freitag, with the collaboration of Heinrich Emmerich and Jakob Buijs.
Ref. BV 2100 .F713

World Missionary Atlas: containing a directory of missionary
societies, classified summaries of statistics, maps showing the
location of mission stations throughout the world, a
descriptive account of the principal mission lands, and
comprehensive indices.
Edited by Harlan P. Beach…[and] Charles H. Fahs.
Ref.  BV2045 .I5




Selected monograph series in missions

  • American Society of Missiology Series (Orbis Books)
  • Faith and Cultures Series (Orbis)
  • Faith Meets Faith Series (Orbis), Maryknoll, New York
  • Hayama Missionary Society Annual Report
  • MARC Publications, Monrovia, CA
  • Minority Rights Group International Report
  • Minutes of the Meeting of the Faith and Order Board (World Council of Churches)
  • Studies in Christian Mission (Brill Publications)
  • Studies in World Religions (Scholars Press)
  • Studies of Religion in Africa (Brill Publications)

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