Finding Articles and Other Non-Book Resources

When trying to locate information on your topic, you will find articles in journals, magazines, and other non-book resources useful. Indexes, both print and electronic, are another way to locate relevant articles. Some subject areas are covered by more than one index ; it is a good idea to ask for assistance if you are having difficulty deciding which index to use. Many indexing services provide abstracts in addition to basic citation information (author, title, journal edition and year, page numbers). By providing a summary of the article’s contents, abstracts can help you determine if a particular article is relevant. Subject-specific electronic resources can be accessed from the library home page at .

It should be noted that the BU libraries do not own all of the journals you will find listed in a print or electronic index. To see if a journal is owned by Boston University, you can search for the journal by title in our online catalog as you did for books. Keep in mind that you will be searching for the journal title, not the article title. If the journal is not owned by Boston University, you may be able to locate it at a BLC or BTI library using  In some cases, you will need to request the article through interlibrary loan if it is not available locally.

Bibliographies, like their smaller counterparts within books, will assist you in locating more material on a given subject. These sources can be located in the same way as subject encyclopedias, either by typing in “bibliography” and your “subject term” as a word search or by typing in “subject term–bibliography” as a subject search. Bibliographies may be annotated, meaning they have descriptive or critical information about the works. One can locate books, articles, amnd essays using a bibliography.