Exploration of Other Scholars’ Works

You are ready to see how others have handled the text you are studying, only after you have laid a foundation for your examination and preliminarily examined the text yourself. In this process, it is important to note where others’ research supports, challenges, and contradicts your assessment. A good beginning point is the brief bibliographies that often accompany the entries in Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias and the topical entries in commentaries such as those named above. You will also want to consult:

  • Commentaries, such as those named above, as well as those in the Anchor Bible Series, Ref. BS 191.2 .A1 1964 G3, Hermenia Series, Ref. BS 491.2 .H47. Commentaries may also be found by using the library catalogue and searching under “Subject” using the book of the Bible as the search term.
  • Journal Articles: