Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions. Keith Crim. (1981)
Mugar Reference XBL 31 A24

This guide provides information on the historical development, beliefs, and practices of currently practiced world religions. There are cross-references as well as charts, maps, and illustrations. Terms used are in both English and non-English languages. Entries are signed. There is a guide to major entries which will assist users seeking a broad overview of a tradition.

Continuum Dictionary of Religion Michael Pye.
Mugar Reference XBL 31 C67 1994

Brief definitions of religious terms, descriptions of God, and basic explanations of contemporary and historical religions and sects worldwide are provided. Cross-references to related terms are included. The volume concludes with a bibliography, providing suggestions for further reading.

Oxford Dictionary of World Religions. John Bowker, editor.
Mugar Reference XBL31 .O84 1997
This dictionary provides a general overview of Eastern and Western religious movements. There are cross-references and some entries are followed by suggestions for further reading. The volume concludes with an index of Chinese headwords, their Pinyin alternatives, and a topical index.

Dictionary of Religion and Philosophy. Geddes MacGregor.
Mugar Reference XBL 31 M23 1989
Covers all major religions and philosophies; emphasis is on religion.

Guide to the Gods. Marjorie Leach.
Mugar Reference XBL 473 L43 1992
This guide provides a worldwide overview of deities, evaluated in terms of function and attribute. It covers all times and places and includes an extensive bibliography and detailed name index. References following each entry refer to the bibliography at the end of the volume.

An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mysticism and the Mystery Religions. John Ferguson.
Mugar Reference XBL 625 F44 1977
This source takes a broad view of mysticism, but leaves out magic and witchcraft.

U.S. Religious Interest Groups: Institutional Profiles. Paul J. Weber.
Mugar Reference XBL 2525 W413 1994
Information on church groups or groups with religious values that work to influence public policy, such as Catholic Charities or Operation Rescue.