Biographical Sources

Dictionary of American Religious Biography. 2nd ed. Henry W. Bowden.
Mugar Reference XBL 72 B68 1993

Historical persons in American religions. Revised and enlarged from 1st ed. This source provides brief biographical sketches of religious persons from all chronological periods of American history and most denominations. Persons who were deceased as of 1992 are included. The appendixes list denominational affiliation and birthplace of the figures included in the work. A select bibliography of 85 books arranged by category and an index conclude the work.

Religious Leaders of America. J. Gordon Melton. (1991)
Mugar Reference XBL 72 R45

This work provides biographical profiles of American and Canadian religious figures from 1865-present. This source attempts to be more inclusive than other biographical sources by providing profiles of black, female, and Native American religious leaders as well as non-Christian leaders in the United States and Canada. It does exclude missionaries and those whose primary work occurred outside North America. It includes an appendix of each leader’s religious affiliation and index.

Who’s Who of World Religions. John R. Hinnels.
Mugar Reference XBL 72 W54 1992

Short biographical sketches of people from formally established churches and new religious movements as well as historical figures from ancient religious traditions are provided. It includes maps, an index, and a bibliography

Biographical Dictionary of American Cult and Sect Leaders. J. Gordon Melton.
Mugar Reference XBL 2525 M448 1986

Founders and leaders of minority religions and spiritual movements.

Twentieth-Century Shapers of American Popular Religion.
Mugar Reference XBL 2525 T84 1989

Biographies of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish religious leaders.