Historical Atlas of the Religions of the World. Ismail R. Al-Faruqa. (1974)
Mugar Reference XBL 80.2 F28

Illustrated essays introduce the history of the religions of the world while maps furnish insight into the developments of traditions over time and in space. It is divided into three parts: religions of the past; ethnic religions of the present (those religions localized to region of origin); and universal religions of the present. It includes an appendix of chronologies and an index. Essays are signed and most essays include a short bibliography .

Historical Atlas of Religion in America. Edwin S. Gaustad. (1962)
Mugar Reference XG 1201 E4 F62b

This atlas contains maps, charts and graphs focusing on Christian denominations from 1650-1960. There is some information on Native and African Americans. Essays include source information on individual traditions within each time period discussed. Indices of authors, titles, places, religious bodies, names and subjects can be found at the end of the atlas.

Atlas of Religious Change in America, 1952-1990. Peter L. Halvorson.
Mugar Reference XG 1201 E4 H3 1994

Maps and analyses of county-level data for American religious denominations from 1952-1990, drawn from “The Church Membership Studies”, are provided. The maps illustrate the percentage of church membership in each region as well as percentage of change in total membership over time.