The Bible

Cambridge Companion to the Bible . Howard Clark Kee et al., editors.

Mugar Reference XBS475.2 .C26 1997

This resource provides basic knowledge of the cultural contexts within which the Bible was produced, including the history, languages, religious beliefs and philosophical insights of the biblical authors and the people about whom they wrote. The work is developed in three parts: “The Old Testament World”, “Jewish Responses to Greco-Roman Culture”, and “The Formation of the Christian Community”. Maps and illustrations are provided to assist the user with geographic and cultural contexts. Descriptions of key people, movements, and practices can be found in boxes throughout the work. An index of biblical references and a general index are provided at the end of the volume.

Eerdman’s Analytic Concordance to the Revised Standard Version of the Bible . Compiled by Richard E. Whitaker. 1988.

Theology Reference BS425 .W48

This Biblical concordance indicates which word in the original language is being translated in each context. It omits frequently used words such as prepositions, conjunctions, and personal pronouns. It is comprised of three sections: the main concordance, a concordance of proper names, and a concordance of numbers. Indexes to terms in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and Latin are found at the end of the volume.

Harper’s Bible Dictionary . Paul J. Achtemeier, general editor.

Mugar Reference XBS440 .H237 1985 / Theology Reference BS440 .H37 1985

Signed articles cover all person/place names in the Bible, books of the Bible, major archaeological sites, and major theological terms. Cross-references are provided. Illustrations, photos, and color maps are included. A list of abbreviations used within the work and a pronunciation guide precede the articles. An index to the color maps can be found at the end of the volume.

New Atlas of the Bible . Jan H. Negenman. (1969).

Mugar Reference XBS621 .F69

While this atlas includes maps, it is primarily a historical resource illustrating biblical events and documenting the development and promulgation of the Bible as a text. There is an index.

Oxford Companion to the Bible . Bruce M. Metzger & Michael D. Coogan, editors.

Mugar Reference XBS440 .M434 1993/Theology Reference BS440 .M434 1993

This resource covers key persons, places, events, concepts, and institutions of biblical times. The scope is pluralistic with articles on any book of the Bible (or part thereof) considered canonical. Entries are arranged alphabetically and include cross-references. All articles are signed. Lists of transliterations and abbreviations precede the articles. A bibliography, an index, and bible maps can be found at the end of the volume. All biblical references are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

Zondervan Topical Bible . Edward Viening, editor. (1971,1969).

Mugar Reference XBS432 .F69 / Theology Reference XBS432 .V5

This guide is similar to a concordance except that biblical verses are organized by topic rather than alphabetically. There are cross-references as well as chain references (references enabling the user to follow a theme throughout the Bible). It also includes definitions of proper names, places, objects, and events. A list of abbreviations precedes the topical entries.