Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

The Concise Dictionary of the Christian Tradition: Doctrine, Liturgy, History . J.D. Douglas, Walter A. Elwell, and Peter Toon. 1989. Theology Reference BR95 .D67

This dictionary of names, terms, and concepts covers all aspects of the Christian tradition. It is designed for quick reference information.

Dictionary of Bible and Religion . William H. Gentz, general editor. Mugar Reference XBR95 .D46 1986/Theology Reference BR95 .D46

The history of Christianity, Christian doctrine, world, and contemporary religions are covered. Entries are signed and arranged alphabetically. Cross-references are provided when applicable. The dictionary is ecumenical in tone. Some maps are included. A bibliography for further study, divided into broad subject areas, can be found at the end of the work.

Dictionary of Christianity in America: A Comprehensive Resource on the Religious Impulse that Shaped a Continent . Daniel G. Reid, coordinating editor. Mugar Reference XBR515 .D53 1990/Theology Reference BR515 .D53 1990

This one-volume work covers topics in American Christianity in all historical periods. Most entries deal with Christianity in the United States although some entries for Canada are included. Entries are alphabetically arranged, signed, and include cross-references and bibliographies. A how-to-use guide, a list of abbreviations, and an introductory essay precede the main body of the dictionary.

Encyclopedia of Christianity . Erwin Fahlbusch et al., editors. Theology Reference BR95 .E8913 1999

This encyclopedia is based on the third edition of Evangelisches Kirchenlexicon by Heinz Brunotte and Otto Weber ( Theology Reference BR95 .E9 , 4 volumes). The first three volumes of the set are currently available and cover entries A-O. The encyclopedia is comprehensive in scope and up-to-date. The encyclopedia describes Christianity as it exists today and how present-day Christianity is related to the apostolic tradition. Comprehensive statistical information is provided within the work’s country and continent entries. A list of abbreviations is included and precedes the encyclopedic entries.

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity . Everett Ferguson et al., editors. Mugar Reference XBR162.2 E53 1990

Entries cover persons, places, doctrines, practices, art, liturgy, heresies, and schisms existing in the first six centuries of the Christian faith. Most entries include a brief bibliography. A list of abbreviations, a chronology, and a bibliography precede the main body of the work. The volume concludes with an extensive index.

Oxford Companion to Christian Thought . Adrian Hastings et al., editors. Theology Reference BR95 .O84 2000

This work covers the entire common era but its primary emphasis is the current period. Entries are arranged alphabetically and include cross-references and bibliographies. All entries are signed. The volume illustrates the diversity in modern Christian thought. An index of terms mentioned in the work but without their own entries is included at the end of the volume.

Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church . 3rd edition. E.A. Livingstone, editor. Theology Reference BR95 .O8 1997

This updated edition covers historical and doctrinal developments, biographies, and definitions of terms and customs in Christianity. Entries are cross-referenced and include bibliographies. Although it claims to have an international scope, the dictionary devotes much of its attention to Great Britain and the Church of England. An earlier edition of this work can be found in the Mugar Library Reference collection under XBR95 .O8 1983.

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation . Hans J. Hillerbrand, editor-in-chief. 4 vols. Mugar Reference XBR302.8 .O93 1996

Entries cover a wide range of events, religious and secular, of the sixteenth century. Entries are signed and are arranged alphabetically. Cross-references are provided at the end of each entry. Some articles are grouped together in “composite” entries. A general index of words not included in headings and an outline of the encyclopedia’s contents are included in the fourth volume.

The Religious Right: A Reference Handbook . Glen H. Utter & John W. Storey. Mugar Reference XBR526 .U88 1995

This handbook deals with individuals and organizations that have endeavored to influence public policy through the political process since the end of World War II. Sections include a chronology, biographical sketches, survey data and quotes, a directory of organizations, bibliographies of print and non-print resources, a glossary and an index.