Electronic Resources

Please see the E-Reference section of the School of Theology web site for the primary resources in this area.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library .

Created at Calvin College, this electronic library contains the full text of many Christian classical works as well as an encyclopedia of Christianity. ( http://www.ccel.org/)

Internet Christian Library .

Created by the Institute for Christian Leadership, this electronic library contains one of the largest and most complete archives of classical Christian materials available on the Internet. There are online guides to Christian missions on the Internet, Christian literature on the Internet, Christian resources on the Internet, and early church documents. This resource also offers a reading room, a software library, and a directory of Christian organizations. (http://www.iclnet.org)

Patrologia Latina Database

This database comprises the works of the Church Fathers from Tertullian (AD 200) to the death of Pope Innocent III (1216). It contains the full texts, as well as “all prefatory material, critical apparatus and indexes.”

QuodLibet: online journal of Christian theology and philosophy .

This quarterly e-journal is published by the Society of Online Christian Theology and Philosophy (SOCTP). It addresses theological and philosophical issues from a Christian perspective and has articles from any perspective which deal with the theological or philosophical credentials of the Christian faith. (http://quodlibet.net)

Luther’s Werke
An electronic reproduction of the Weimar Edition of Luther’s works. Entries are available in German or English. The Weimar Edition , which is regarded as a monumental work in the field of theology and the German language, was first published in 1883 and includes 127 volumes.

World Christian Database
The World Christian Database provides comprehensive statistical information on world religions, Christian denominations, and people groups.